They don't matter.
None of them matter.
As long as I have you, I don't care.
Others hurt me, wound me deeply.
They leave scars that will never heal,
no matter how much time passes.
But, you will never hurt me,
because I love you.
Any scar that you leave upon me is not a scar,
but proof of your love.
With you, others cannot hurt me,
because you will hurt them in return,
and leave scars that they will remember for eternity.

Others betray me, leave me for dead in my darkest hour.
Stab me from behind when I least expect.
You will never betray me though,
for my reflection shows clearly from you.
You are an extension of me,
and I you.
All betrayers and trespassers shall know our fury,
as we cut them down

You are my blade,
and I am your handle.
We are sharp,
and rip through flesh easily.
As long as I have you
none of it matters.
As I sit here in this corner holding you tight,
with the most gleeful of smiles upon my face,
I am once again reminded that you are all that I need.

~Memory that haunts like ghosts