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Neglected Umbreon

I'm not a pony,
or anything too grand.
I'm not special,
I have no band.
I'm not too strong,
and I'm not that smart.
I'm just a pokemon,

Sultry Sultan

My Confessor
woman beyond all women
I remain
eternally devoted
to you

there is no need
to hear any other

just my confession
of love.

Sultry Sultan
True Despair
To see your beautiful smile,
I will cross a border.
I will fly like a bird,
As it is my heart's order.

My eyes are restless,
To see your beautiful smiles.
I have promised my heart
That I will go thousand miles.

To see your beautiful smile,
I will change my own way.
I will break the chain of values,
No matter what the world say.

-True Despair

Vincent Nightray

You open your eyes and see a clear blue sky and understand you fell asleep again. Yawning and stretching a little,you continue to lay on the soft grass as a blonde haired man bends and looks into your face. You see his yellow and red eye,looking into yours. &Resting I see& he smiles and caresses your face. &Well,I won't be disturbing you,I just hope you will be happy with this;it's freshly picked from Nightray garden&. You want to respond but in a blink of an eye he dissapears,only leaving a black rose near you. It has a note attached to it.&Hope we can meet again and find out more about each other& it says.


s you still remember the blonde man's smile,a black haired one suddenly sits down near you.&That Vincent,running around and making more fans& he mutters,clearly not impressed. He looks at you with his piercingly yellow eyes. &Hello,just saw that my brother already met you,and I don't think he likes most of the girls,meaning you're really special and all& he rambles on. &Hey,seaweed head,Oz said we need to go!& you see a brown haired girl shout.&Alright,you stupid rabbit!& he responds harshly.&Well then,just thought of giving you this& he gives you a rose and hurries back to the carriage. &Don't worry,if you see a guy with a black hat and a rose the same color,just ask about Vincent and he'll reply!& he shouts through the window as he is receding away.
I'm just Neglected Umbreon.
- Neglected Umbreon


You seem to have discovered a long, forgotten cave. Upon entering it and walking for some time, you find a huge cavern lit by flame. The cavern is piled high with all sorts of items from valuable gems to bones of unidentifiable creatures. Resting on this pile is a long, serpentine body. Dark green scales sparkle from the light, and you notice that the reptile body ends with three heads. Before you can turn to leave, one of the heads stir. The soft blue eyes study you for a moment, and the head tilts slightly in a confused manner. Finally, it speaks.

Oh...Oh my! Is that a human here? The head quickly looks to the two other sleeping heads before back to you. O-oh my. You really must go. If my brothers were to wake... He shakes his head at the unpleasant thought. B-but...We do get so very little company. I can't just let you go... Oh! I know! I'll give you a treasure of mine. There is a bit of fumbling as the creature's tail moves, shifting items on the pile until it finds what it is after. A small box is soon wrapped tight in his clutches and he hands the item over to you. Don't tell my brothers, p-please? They think it's silly that I keep these around...but it's so dark and dreary here. Please take good care of it.

~ The Hydra

I'm watching you... Always...

- Slenderman

0.0 ..-looks around-

The Unrequited Lover

Ah, Kahlan~ I do so enjoy these little moments we get to spend just to watch the sun set beneath the horizon. (Smiles, looks at the sky with a far-off gaze) It reminds me of when we first met. Our chance meeting at the beach. T'was a warm evening, yet the ocean was so cool against our skin. It started off so candidly, a splash here and there. By the time night had fallen, we found ourselves dancing with the water flowing against our ankles. I'm sure the stars were out and beautiful as ever, but I never had the time to view them. No. My eyes refused to see anything but the lovely woman who was in my arms... (A single tear slips down my face) Such sweet memories... I wished and wished that they would last forever... I despise the fact that I was wrong. (Stares sadly into your eyes) My beloved, our time together must come to an end, as much as my heart aches to hear those words. You wish to know why we must part? My love, t'is simple: you love me no longer. Your eyes do not glisten for ME. (Looks away, holds in further tears) Your heart does not race, does not beat for ME. But for HIM. I... Oh, how I envy him so. He has done what I cannot and I know I cannot beat him. I cannot win your love, no matter how strong and bright my own love for you burns. Kahlan... (Short sobs) I... No more of this. My heart has already been stabbed by misfortune, so I will take my leave now. I will not trouble you anymore with my silly feelings. (Stands up) Farewell... Farewell... (Chokes out) What a painful word. (Runs away) ((When you return to your home, you discover a box sitting on your doorstep. A note sits atop it. You read it aloud: &Kahlan, my love, take this, I beg of you. I meant to give you this the day before I found out about your other lover, but didn't have the heart to throw it to the birds. I love you, no matter how much it hurts.&

The Dream King
My princess...won't you come away with me to my kingdom of dreams? I am your servant my lady, you hold my heart. Until this pixelated rose dies, I shall always be yours. If you would lay your gentle head against my chest, you would hear my heart flutter like a bird in a cage. When dawn's first light appears do not fret my love. I shall always await you on the edge of sleep and dreams.

The Dream King

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