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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : Back To Self, Back To Work ...
Report : Back To Self, Back To Work ...



A month.

That's how long Sin told me I've been asleep for.
...It would be an utter lie, if I didn't say I miss that sleep.
Never had I had such... Lucid dreaming.

Perhaps this is something I can look into later.


The Time Egg.
Fully created, it holds ... most ... of my time - relative powers within it now.

I say, sadly, most .... because it was suppose to take ALL my power.
And to be honest, I hoped it did.

However, this seems to not be the case.

I've seem to kept the ability to stop ( and thus un-stop ) time.
That is all.

No more timeline hoping.
No more going back into the past / future in my timeline.
No more speeding up time in " bubbles ".
Nothing.... nothing, but the ability to freeze time, and un-freeze it.


It should bother me.
All records of past tests show that this should tear me to the core.
And yet I feel nothing. Nothing.
Not fear, or joy, sadness, warmth.... no emotion at all about this.

Perhaps it messed with my nervous system somehow?
Perhaps I am just .... used to this sort of thing by now.

Either way, whats done is done.
I can only stop time for myself, and isolated locations ( " bubbles " ) now.
That will have to do.


Refocusing back onto The Time Egg...
I've enlisted the help of ********** *******, ****** **** **********, and ********* *******
in the removal and relocation of it's own self. By my instruction, it has been
taken to the only location within MY timeline that has been the tradition to
keep the egg within from reset generation , to reset generation.


Naturally, said location will not be disclosed here.
Enlisted help came from out-of-timeline sources as well, as to prevent any
living being from this timeline in finding it's location ..... easily .

In truth, as ordained, The Egg can naturally be found... I am the only whom
knows of it's official location, as well as it's decoy.... and only those with
powers over time itself can even access it anyway, so if I ever need to
obtain my powers ever again I could....

..... I never plan to .....

....Otherwise, it's free game, to anyone clever enough.
To those, I only have one thing to say :

It's not worth it.




Side note :
I wasn't happy with how Sin had been writing the entries on my behalf.
Though an extremely kind thing for her to do, in truth, she was way too...
.....open.... with details. As if feeling this notion, she's already came
to me about this, before I even read it... and says she isn't sorry also.







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