Just browsing the non sexual LFRP on F-List. Find someone who posts an ad, claiming to have a biased, so I ask why. I know it's none of my business and I have other things I could be doing. Either way, I got my answer and put on ignore in the same hour.

[19:33 PM]James Garcia: That line in particular begets my curiosity, why the biased, if you don't mind my asking?

[19:34 PM]Iraenace Szindra: Steers away idiots and the foolhardy.

[19:34 PM]James Garcia: Makes sense, I guess.

[19:34 PM]Iraenace Szindra: you guess?

[19:37 PM]James Garcia: Don't get me wrong, weeding out an undesirable selection of people isn't bad. Just the lengths that one has to go through to do so kind of irks me. But it's just the way I 'm about things, you don't have to pay my thoughts any

[19:38 PM]Iraenace Szindra: You don't realize how many idiots pm me if I don't put that in there, not I have three intelligent people talking to me instead of 10 idiots.

[19:39 PM]Iraenace Szindra: I get pms nearly instantaneously after I put up my ad cause they see a hot chick and skip over the profile, and you think it's bad to weed those assholes out?

[19:39 PM]James Garcia: Nope.

[19:39 PM]James Garcia: As I stated...

[19:39 PM]Iraenace Szindra: The lengths I go is worth it

[19:40 PM]James Garcia: Which is why I advised you not to take to my words.

[19:40 PM]James Garcia: You do what you must.

[19:40 PM]James Garcia: I am merely stating my pointless view on something.

[19:41 PM]Iraenace Szindra: Goodbye.

[19:41 PM]James Garcia: Later.

[19:41 PM]Error code 20, Iraenace Szindra does not wish to receive messages from you.

Why do you do this, F-List users? It only makes me think less of you.