I have been hiding under a rock my whole life, and today it stops. Today I'm going to go and be the person i want to be. The person to make everyones day by just saying hi to them. The person that gives people hope when they have none. I want to be the one to there to anyone and everyone. People may say thats nosey, but i think its just a person just being there for one another. i want to be there when no one was there for me. i will not let anyone live like i have. its time to stop. Time to start over and be a new person. The person i was than, is dead, and the new one is reborn. Reborn into a life where things may be bad, but always has a smile, to just be happy again like i was long ago. never again will i be a shell of a person. enough is enough. For people that are reading this, thanks. you are the people that helped my realize that being a sad girl with no hope left in the world is a waste of time. But today, i am me, and you are you, so dont change for anyone but yourself. You are the only person that will stay forever, people come and go, like the wind in the spring, or the snow in the winter. they may never come back, but sooner or later people will come and love you as you do them. just have hope for once and live your live like you should. its time to be the person you can be, and be the best. the best of yourself. Be who you want to be, not what others think you should be. just keep that in mind. just be you.
~JaDyne (A.K.A: Jay)