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v~.Kitsune Kagome.~v
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I love.... you too (Chapter 1) Vol. 2
!!Episode Recap!!

* * *

They had just exited the cars, “Rin are you okay?” Shin asked as they both walked to the hallway where their rooms were just across the other. “Why’d you help me?!” Rin irritatedly raised. “What? Did you want to get kissed?” he rejoined. “I’m just saying you had no right to butt in! I’m perfectly capable of handling myself in a situation like that!” She stomped into her room and slammed the door. Her head twitched down as she sat on her bed. “Darn! I forgot to thank him.” Rin slapped her hand over her head. Even though I didn’t need his help.

About ten minutes past and Rin walked out of her room. Shin’s door was made of glass as her’s was. Though, he wasn’t there reading his medical books. Hm.. Oh yeah! Yool is still possessed, I have to help him or he could get hurt!

Fast as she could she ran to find Yool. He saw her and brought up, “I just can’t get through to you can’t I?” Rin didn’t listen to him, her eyes were searching for the painting. He had about four in his room. Beautiful painting, beautiful painting.. A flicker of shine flashed in both eyes of the painting with the small girl in it. There! The girl! She ran out behind the door. Rin took her pendant, “To seal the evil born of Night.. Light has sent Jeanne to take flight!” Her hair flew up into a long red bow, and the Kaito’s kimono formed around her body. After the transformation she could hear Shin’s voice down the hall. She checked on him from behind a large column. “Where is the painting?” he was talking to Access. She answered him in a way he could not see her but in as a hint in case someone like him would have any idea how this kind of thing worked, “It’s in Yool’s room. The one with the girl on it.” She assumed she was talking to Sinbad from the familiar tone of voice. He nodded, “With the Seven Seas that have sealed my fate.. the Kaito Sinbad must not be late!” A white unhooded cloak surrounded Shin, with his hair tinting into a lavender silver color thus changing him into Sinbad. Jeanne turned around not believing what she had just witnessed. Her hands flew up to her mouth before gasping. It can’t be! Was that Shin?! No, it’s not! It’s just the light I’m sure of it!

She ran back to where the demon leeched himself. The area was pitch black now, only faint light appeared. The shadows grayed and the door behind her smashed shut making it more hard to see. Dozens of slim long tentacles gripped her legs and arms, then neck. Rin took a breath and began choking for air, “Yool! I-it’s.. Rin! Snap.. Out of it!” A pair of golden eyes replaced Yool’s gray ones, “Never, his body now belongs to me!” he insentiencely countered. Her vision grew fuzzy, I… I can’t.. breathe.. Rin was immediately becoming unconscious then on the last minute Sinbad rammed the door open, “Damn it Yool! Knock it off!!” Sinbad thrusted out a sword, tearing it through the tentacles setting her free from Yool’s demon grasp. Her body fell from the near high ceiling where she was being constricted to her last breath, Sinbad jumped to catch her in the air, then landed in the corner lying her down gently. Jeanne’s eyes were just barely open to see his face through the bands Sinbad.. is Shin.. now I know.. that’s why he keeps helping me.. that’s why he wants me to stop being a Kaito.. unable to move she could only watch him fight Yool. They both dodged the others attacks and were hit fiercely in their combat. The now monstrous demon, with it’s sliced arms replaced the inflicted wounds with thorns as they wrapped themselves around Sinbad’s left arm, piercing through it, blood streamed out somehow he did not notice.

How can this be? She thought getting weaker. Sinbad put on the finishing blow on the possessing demon’s back releasing himself, “Checkmate!” he announced. Yool lay there sedated. Sinbad sat before Rin and he lifted the upper half of her body up to see if she was alright. He’s the Devil’s agent.. My Rival.. My enemy..

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the guy.. I’m falling in so much love with.. He’s..
“You okay? You’re such an Airhead, Jeanne. Like most days you can’t protect yourself like you want to.” he said. “Shin..” Rin answered miserably.

End of Recap

:Continued: V

Sinbad froze like stone, “What did you say?” The moonlight night beamed in the chamber once again and a few lights came back too. “Nothing, forget it.” She sat up quickly despite of all the pain she was feeling, walking away Rin pulled out the hair tie and reverted back to normal when the coast was clear. Clothes and everything. Sinbad did the same, then Access appeared over to him, “Did you get the demon Shin?” he asked with a big smile stretched across his face. “Yeah, I did.” Shin replied wearily, “I don’t know how it happened but… Hyo Rin found out about my being a Kaito.” His right hand turning off the light and he sat on his maroon bed in the dark, Access floated to Shin’s side, “It’s only fair, you knew the whole time… Hey your arms bleeding pretty bad.” He opened his eyes to look, “Crap.”

* * *

Next morning Hyo Rin felt like walking to school, because of the distance she was escorted by two court women. She passed all of her favorite restaurants she used to go to after school with her friends. As they walked Rin counted the sidewalk squares trying to get her mind off of things. “I saw nothing last night….” She accidently said aloud. “What was that you highness?” one of them asked what she was talking about, the other inquired Hyo Rin also, “What do you mean?” The three of them were only alittle ways to the High school and stopped at a light. Rin was oblivious to them so she didn’t answer the questions, she could only stare at the light in impatience. Please, change already! She kept pushing the red button multiple times times, yet all her tries were ones only to fail. The sky shifted to a light gray shade and clouds had come together the night before, droplets of rain trickled down her face. Rin wiped it off with her uniform sleeve. The red hand at the other end of the street turned to a white walking sign and they moved further.

Court lady Natsuki whispered to the other, “Is it just me or is the Crown Princess a bit.. different today?” Mai replied nodding, “She’s probably just upset with the Crown Prince.” “What?” “Didn’t you hear? He forced himself onto her in a kiss… she’s maybe still uneasy about it.” “Oh I see, but from the Crown Prince is always with her, I never would think he would do something like that.” Indifferent as Rin wanted to be she did hear what they were talking about. Shin was always mean to her, calling her names. Never once was he actually nice in her direction, then out of the nowhere he kissed her that one day. Soon after the memories of what she found out last night crashed into her head. There’s no way he and Sinbad are the same person. Sinbad… is nice. And Shin is rude, rough, and downright ignorant! They’re not the same, they’re not! Time that remained she stared at the ground again. A sound of running came clear to Rin provoking her to glance up, her friends were coming towards her. Without realizing it, she was at the entrance of the school campus. Nami and Misha tagged on both her arms and it irritated the pain she received hours ago, they spoke in unison, “Hyo Rin!” they caught themselves and teased, “You Highness!” laughing loudly. After eight minutes people began to arrive and went to meet their friends and talk, the noise got alittle louder by the minute.

Imperial vehicles pulled up dropping off Crown Prince Shin and Royal Prince Eui Sung. Rin looked over her shoulder and saw Yool walk up to her, “Goodmorning,” he greeted kindly as always, “About yesterday-“ She lifted a hand up to stop his apology, “It’s alright Yool, you weren’t yourself.” Rin smiled understandingly. From behind her friends waved at him in interest, Yool and Rin laughed at that.

Three hours after classes began Rin was on her way to Fourth hour. The hallway was busy as usual, Shin walked out from a classroom ten feet away walking in her direction, just before their elbows touched she saw a wound on Shin’s arm that was identical to Sinbad’s. During her short distraction, Shin slipped a note into her hand so quick she didn’t even know if he really had. Rin stopped on her tracks as he kept walking away shaking her head. Whoa. What was that? Opening her hand, there really was a message.

I need to talk to you. Meet me at your locker before lunch.


Was written inside it. Her heart pounded inside her, Rin was afraid of going to meet him, yet she felt excited. Yool had been a couple lockers down seeing what Shin did then walked away too.

She showed the note to Misha and Yool in Fifth Period. “You don’t have to go see him Rin. It’s your decision whether you do or not.” Yool assured her. Misha disagreed with him, “You should go! He’s soooo cute!” she then turned to Yool, “You are too baby!” He smiled back alittle uncomfortable, “And then, it might not be a good thing to go.” Misha used hand quotations, “’We need to talk’ doesn’t look so great.” she finished handing the note back to Rin. “HHHhhhh.” she sighed leaning her head on her hand, “I don’t know what to do.” The teacher saw at the corner of her eye Rin slack off on her hand and smacked the board with her yard stick pretty hard, “Miss Hyo Rin!” Rin’s head snapped up, “You may be Crown Princess but please pay attention to my lesson. So, now, please read the next page out loud.” She looked in her book then back to the teacher, “Um… sorry.. I can’t.” Rin started blushing, she hadn’t understood English since she was married to Shin. “See? Pay attention alright?” “Yes, teacher.”

Class was finally over and everyone ran out for lunch. Misha gave Rin some advice and went on ahead. Yool came out last to stand next to Rin, “If you want, I can help you with English, Rin.” “That’ll be great thanks!” “Cool, so are you going to meet Shin?” he asked hiding his disapproval. “Ya I am. There’s been something I’ve wanted to talk about with him.” she sighed. “I see. Well, I won’t ask you about it. See you after school.” “Okay.” she smiled weakly. Her nerves began to shake and she talked to herself on the way to her locker, “What if it’s about me knowing his other identity and he decides to wipe out my memory? Is this the end? What’s he going to tell me?!” She scratched her hair in all ways and before she knew it, he was right in front of her.

“What are you doing? You Airhead.” Shin lightly insulted her. She looked up, hair crazy, and he was leaning against her locker. He looked so handsome just like he always had, she quickly fixed her hair, “So.. what did you want to talk to me about?” Rin felt nervous again. “There’s-” Ko, his ex-girlfriend came around and saw them together and stopped. Shin saw her, she did also and there was a connection. “There’s what, Shin?” she asked him then followed his gaze, “Oh..” her voice saddened, “So.. maybe you… mixed up our names… on the note.. Sorry for coming.” she started to walk away then quickly Shin took her wrist, “Hey! No one said you had to leave. It was for you.” “Hi Shin,” Ko joined them. “Let me go Shin.” Rin now sounded depressed. Yool returned from the same place Ko had come from joining them too, “That’s very low of you Shin. Ko and Rin at the same time. Let Hyo Rin go.” he unhooked Shin’s hold on her. “Sorry Shin.. I really am.” Rin apologized holding back a tear then went off with Yool.

Once they were gone Ko asked alittle surprised, “You can’t really be in love with her Shin. Are you?” she held onto his arm and the hallway was completely empty except for them two. “You could say that mine and her wedding was a break up, Ko. You.. mean nothing to me.” Shin gently tried to tug back his arm but she squeezed alittle tighter, “You can’t be serious, tell me your joking!” She began to cry and sniff a bit. “It’s just like you said. We can’t go on because of our dreams.” Shin explained, “Because I have to be King.. I couldn’t dream. And if you stayed with me you couldn’t either. So we both would be unhappy remember? You want to be a professional ballerina, and how I wanted to be a film director.” he took a slow breath, “Then because of a promise she was thrown into my life and I into hers, and I could dream again. I tried to deny as much as I could, but Rin kept finding ways to push through my heart. Not only is she the Crown Princess, she’s my wife.” Ko was crying even more, she through his arm down and gripped the chest of his shirt and cried against him, “Don’t say that!” He held her wrists softly trying to release himself. “I have to go.” He told her, “I’m sorry, but we shouldn’t see each other anymore.”

She let him go, just standing there, tears falling. Shin left her alone, trying to console her wasn’t going to help. He was walking away and she called to him one last time, “I just… want you… to be happy. I .. love you so much Shin. I won’t stop loving you.” There was a locker door open and as he passed it he closed it forcefully, “I don’t want to hear that anymore Ko! Give up on me!” And he was gone.

* * *

Yool drove around and Rin sat in the backseat instead of shotgun. She laid on her side, upside down the top of her head touched the door, she lifted her arm up to press the window button up and down. He turned on some music ‘Ai no Uta’ by Every Little Thing played on the radio. Yool turned the volume down a bit, stopping the car in front of a café, “Let’s get something to drink.” he suggested. She got out and straightened herself up, “Yellow Café? I love it here!” Running to his side, Rin took him by the hand skipping inside, “Ah, cute as it has always been.” she closed her eyes inhaling the sweet scent then bowed to the clerks walking to the back courtyard to take a seat, he took one also. Rin asked astonished, “How did you know this was my favorite place, Yool?” As they were handed a menu. “I didn’t” he smiled, “I just thought it would be a cute place for a cute girl.” She blushed behind her menu. He mentioned, “Plus, I thought you would need it.”

A waitress came up to take orders from them, “I would like…. hot chocolate.” she looked at Yool, “They make the best!” “That sounds pretty good, I would like the same please.”
The waitress nodded and took the menus with her and placed the requests. “So while we wait, do you want to take a look around the little shop inside?” he suggested with his thumb pointing towards the yellow building. Rin jumped up thrilled, “You bet!” They strolled back in to browse at the cute things being sold, it didn’t take Rin long she had already picked up a few things like a white hat with pink beads hanging off one end, a pair of silver earrings, a pen and notebook, “Aren’t these cute, Yool? Aww!” She sighed happily and giggled putting the hat on Yool, “It suits me doesn’t it?” he chuckled. “Teehee! Ya!” He took it off and put it on her, “But it looks better on you.” Rin tugged adjusted it to lean over, “Why thank you sir.” Putting the items together she walked up to the counter, “I would like these please.” she handed them over and took out her purse and Yool came up also, “I’ll pay for them.” he said while holding one more thing he picked out, “No Yool! It’s alright! I can!” “Ooh no you don’t, it’s my treat okay? Go ahead and sit down I’ll be right over.” Rin knew she had lost the fight so she didn’t push anymore in defeat. “That will be 2626 Yen.” the clerk informed him.

“They brought our stuff before you got back so I took the liberty of paying for it.” She knew she got Yool back. “That’s okay, I bought another something too.” he replied reaching into a small bag. “Identical cellphone chains.” Yool handed her a miniature to small brown bear with a pink bow around it’s neck, it held a bell between it’s hands. “Oh Yool.. it’s.. so adorable!” “Mine looks like it but the bow is blue. I’m glad you like it Rin.” he really did seem pleased. “You didn’t have to do this.” She whined. He sipped his hot chocolate, “Just don’t stop smiling okay? That is pay back enough.” “It’s hard not to smile with you around, Yool!” she told him. “Here hand me your cell phone,” she handed it to him and he put it on for her then his own, “There, now I’m with you when I’m somewhere else.” “And I the same.” Rin added.

A silence came on as they drank their hot chocolate. Yool’s smile turned a little serious, “I can tell that you’ve changed.” he said. Rin put down her cup, “What do you mean?” “You aren’t as happy as you used to be, Rin.” “That’s not it Yool, I just have.. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately.” she tried to protect the truth with a few lies. His eyes were deepened but still soft on hers, “There’s nothing there he can give you.” “What do you mean?” “Shin will eventually go back to Ko. You know that right? It may look like it but he can’t fully return your feelings Rin.” “But he.. Shin said… and that time.” “Don’t deny it Rin, other than Shin there also is not anything in the Palace for you. You must know by now that it’s not just fancy living. It’s a lot of responsibility. You are being kept like a doll and you can not live life the way you want with the rules and regulations.” She didn’t know how to answer that. As much as she didn’t want to admit all he said was true. She didn’t even know if she could last any longer if it wasn’t for Yool.

“I can’t just leave Shin. He’s.. lonely and needs someone. His father does think of you more than him… his own dad Yool.” “Once you break free from this prison he will return to Ko. Even now, they are still together.” Who am I kidding…. he loves her and he’s already made a decision. A few weeks ago he brought up a divorce planned in three years… but can I wait that long?... I want Shin to be happy. And if it’s with Ko, then so be it. “H-how do I do it?... What do I have to do?” Shin had followed Yool and Rin the entire time in incognito, he sat two tables away and stood up and walked next to their table, “How dare you.” he said roughly taking Rin by the wrist, looking at Yool, “You more than anyone, would know their place in the Monarchy. And here you’re flirting with your cousin-in-law. Then there are the regulations that can depose you for that.” “Regulations.. you always seem to use that as your weapon against me Shin.” “Then why don’t you go ahead and abolish them.” “I will.” Shin ignored him bringing along Rin, pulling her out of the café.

As he brought her over to his car, he went to the other side to get in, before she did Rin tried to calculate her chances of running back. They weren’t very good. “I’ll just drag you back if I have to.” he threatened lightly. “Ugh!.. Why are you so mean to him?” Rin asked as she got in closing the door trying to ruin a screw or two. He answered rudely, “Why am I so mean? He drives me crazy now days! And why would I?!” he ignited the engine and backed up the car. “Because your family.” she said holding her bag on her lap and pulling the seatbelt over her chest. Shin didn’t say anything for a while, the look on his face meant he didn’t want to hear anything she said. Rin felt defensive too but didn’t want to take her eyes off of Shin, his eyes had a certain sadness to them other than offensive, “What’s with you always going to him when you need someone. Are you just so disgusted of me that you can’t stand even coming into my arms?” She was jolted by his question, he’d never asked that before.

“Well it’s just.. he’s a nice person… things feel more comfortable with him. He’s my friend.” she said a bit quietly. He drove up to a red light and stopped abruptly causing Rin to have a whiplash, he didn’t do that on purpose but out of frustration, “Then how about those secret meetings and that talk?! Planning to run away with him aren’t you?” Shin had one hand on the wheel as the light changed green. His left hand squeezed the area between his eyes. “N-no! He’s never been anything more than a friend of mine, Shin! What about you and Ko? And then spying on us at the café?.... How could you not tell me you were Sinbad?! I don’t understand you! Once hate me, then you kiss me, and you have a secret fling with Ko?!” Everything flashed around in her head and Rin started feeling dizzy and stopped. “I’m just protecting all of us from any more scandals, it’ll hurt all of us let alone the country.” “Scandals, it’s not even that, in the end it all comes to lies and deception.” she fought back her tears, he opened his mouth to say something and she interrupted him, “I don’t want to hear it. Let’s just go home.” Home… the Palace isn’t a home… it’s an emotional beating prison.

* * *

The two of them exited the car without saying a word, Rin went inside alittle faster than he did. Shin followed behind her and watched as she sat down to cry in her room. He took a step then hesitated, he didn’t intend to make her feel bad or make her cry. There was nothing more he could do.

Officer Kong came down the hallway with a schedule and bowed to Shin, “Crown Prince, the King would like to speak with you for a moment.” “Yes, I will be right there.” Officer Kong went ahead to relay the message and Shin looked to his side, he saw again the tangible pain he had caused the Crown Princess from accusing her so much and he went on. A few steps behind Shin was being escorted by Officer Kong, then a door slided open on his right, Yool stepped into the Cherry Blossom walk way. For a split second they exchanged a cold stare. He went to see if Rin was alright as Shin went to see the King.

“Crown Prince has arrived your majesty.” Officer Kong reported bowing his head and Shin semi-casually walked in to take a seat, “What is it your highness?” he asked. “There is going to be a talk broadcast, explaining everything that has been happening. You and Crown Princess will do the explaining. In the interview.” he sipped his tea and continued, “This would also be a good chance to make up for some mistakes you have been making.” That comment hurt Shin’s pride a little, but he didn’t show it, “Yes. And when will the date be for this event?” “In two days. Be prepared Crown Prince.”

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