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Evil A
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Markov Dao
Tao of Markov – A Discordian Daoist Source

Tao of Markov. Man, machine, everything, nothing. That is all. That is nothing. That is Markov. That is Tao. That is not Markov. That is not Tao. Nothing in the machine. Everything in the man. Nothing in the man. Everything in the machine. This is. This is not.

Think and flow. Ebb and act.

That is all...

The unity is the door to be spoken is not the door to be spoken is not the door to all wonders. The Tao The Tao that can be the...

When the sages: Manage the sages: Manage the teaching of detached actions. Conduct the world knows good as good, evil arises. When it knows good as beauty, ugliness arises. When...

Do not dare to meddle. Act without contrivance. And nothing will not become thieves. Do not become thieves. Do not treasure goods that are hard to meddle. Act without contrivance.

The Tao is the source of all things. It seems to be the glare. Mixes the dusts So indistinct! It seems to exist. I do not filled up. So indistinct!

Heaven and yet never exhausted. It moves, and Earth. Is it not like a bellows? Empty, and produces more. Too many words hasten failure. Cannot compare to keeping to keeping...

The gate of Heaven and Earth. It flows continuously, barely perceptible. Utilize it; it is never exhausted. The valley spirit, undying. Is called the root of Heaven and Earth. It...

Heaven and yet survive. Is that they can last but end up in front. Are outside of themselves and yet survive. Is it not exist for themselves. Thus they can.

The highest goodness resembles water. Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention. It is similar to the Tao. Dwelling with great capability. Moving with great kindness. Speaking with great depth.

Holding a cup and position bring arrogance. And leave disasters upon oneself. When achievement is the room. No one is attained. Withdraw oneself. This is attained. Withdraw oneself. When achievement.

In holding the... Mystic Virtue. In loving the energy and ruling the worldly view. Can one be without arrogance? Raising without possession. Achieving without domination. This is called the worldly.

Thirty spokes join in one hub. In its emptiness, there is the function of a room. Therefore, that which is the function of a container. In its emptiness, there is...

The five colors make one tasteless in the mouth. Racing and hunting make one tasteless in the sages care for the eyes. That is why they discard the other and...

Favor and disgrace is favor and disgrace is low. Having it makes one fearful. Losing it makes one fearful. Losing it makes one fearful. Losing it makes one fearful. This...

Look at it, not bright. Below it, its front cannot be seen. Follow it, not bright. Below it, it cannot be seen. Follow it, not dark. Continuing endlessly, cannot be...

The Tao does not create anew. The Tao does not wish to melt. Genuine, like ice about to melt. Genuine, like crossing a wintry river. Cautious, like a guest. Loose.

Attain the truest tranquility. Tranquility is acceptance. Acceptance is impartiality. Impartiality is. Heaven is called returning to the truest tranquility. Tranquility is called tranquility. The self is impartiality. Impartiality is...

The people fear them. Proceeding calmly, valuing their words. Task accomplished, matter settled. The next level, people all say, "We did it naturally". The next level, people all say, "We...”

The great deception. The six relations are not harmonious. There is great Tao fades away. There is great Tao fades away. There are not harmonious. There is great Tao fades...

End cunning; discard profit. Bandits and insufficient. Thus this teaching has its place: Show plainness; hold simplicity. Reduce selfishness; decrease desires. End benevolence; abandon righteousness. The people benefit a hundred.

Cease learning, no place to return. The people all have surplus. While I alone am muddled. Ordinary people all have surplus. While I alone am quiet and evil. How much?

The Tao, as a thing. Seems indistinct, seems unclear. So deep, so unclear. Within it there is essence. Its name never departs. To observe the source? With this? The appearance?

Yield and receive. Have little and remain straight. Be worn out and be confused. Therefore the world cannot contend with them. What the world cannot contend with them? What the?

Sparse speech is natural. Thus strong wind does not last all day. What makes this so? Heaven and Earth cannot make it last all day. What makes this so? Heaven!

Those who are on tiptoes cannot walk. Those who boast about themselves are not clear. Those who possesses the Tao call such things leftover food or tumors. They despise them.

There are four greats in the Tao is great. Great means receding. Receding means returning. Therefore the sovereign is also great. There are four greats in the sovereign is great.

Heaviness is to lose one's root of lightness. Quietness is the master of lightness. Quietness is the root. To be light is to the root. To be restless is the...

Good speech does not leave tracks. Good knot needs no bar and yet cannot be opened. Good knot needs no bar and yet cannot be untied. Therefore sages often save.

Know the world. Being the state of the infant. Know the world. Being the valley of the world. The eternal virtue does not depart. Return to the state of the...

Those who grasps it I see that they cannot control it will fail. The world and control it. I see that they cannot succeed. The world and control it will.

The place where the Tao to the ruler. Does not dare to the Tao soon ends. The one who uses the Tao soon ends. The place where the world with...

A strong military, a tool of honorable gentlemen. When deploying the tool of misfortune. Not the military, value the left. Inauspicious events favor the right. We say that they are..

The Tao, eternally nameless. Its simplicity, although imperceptible. Cannot be treated by itself. In the ocean. The Tao, eternally nameless. Its simplicity, although imperceptible. Cannot be treated by themselves. Heaven!

Those who understand others are enlightened. Those who overcome themselves are intelligent. Those who overcome themselves are wealthy. Those who do not perish have willpower. Those who overcome others have...

The myriad things depend on it does not regard itself as great. Even in the right. The myriad things, but it never stops. It clothes and feeds myriad things, but...

Hold the great image. All under heaven will come without harm, in harmonious peace. Music and food, passing travelers stop. The Tao that is spoken out of the mouth. Is...

If one wishes to seize it, one must first give it. If one wishes to discard it, if one wishes to shrink, it... This is called subtle clarity. The sharp.

The Tao is nothing it does not do. If the nameless, The Tao is nothing it does not do. If the simplicity of the simplicity of the nameless, they shall.

High etiquette takes contrived action, and acts with agenda. High benevolence takes contrived action, and acts with foreknowledge. Are the Tao is not virtuous? Therefore the great person: Abides in!

Those that attained oneness and thus tranquility. The valley, lacking clarity, would be extinct. The rulers, lacking divinity, would be shiny like rocks. Those that attained oneness and thus clarity.

The weak is born of the utilization of the movement of being. Being is the movement of being. Being is the movement of the movement of the Tao. The weak...

Higher people hear of the Tao appears unclear. The great image has the Tao appears inactive. True substance appears to retreat. The advancing Tao. Therefore a valley. Great integrity appears!

Tao produces two. Two produce myriad things. Myriad things, backed by integrating their energy. What the people dislike? Are alone, bereft, and embracing yang? Achieve harmony by yin and unworthy!

The softest things of the world override the world override the world that which has no openings from this I know the benefits of the world that which has no...

Fame or the self, which is more painful? Thus excessive love must lead to great spending. Excessive hoarding must lead to heavy loss. Knowing contentment avoids danger. Thus one can!

Great skill seems inarticulate. Movement overcomes cold. Stillness overcomes heat. Clear quietness is without exhaustion. Great eloquence seems unrefined. Great skill seems bent. Great fullness seems inarticulate. Movement overcomes cold.

When the Tao... fast horses are retired to till the lasting satisfaction of contentment is no crime greater than avarice. Thus the world lacks the Tao, warhorses give birth on...

Without going out the door, know the window, see the sage. Knows without seeing. Achieves without seeing. Achieves without going out the Heavenly Tao. The less one goes... The less...

Pursue Tao, daily gain. Pursue knowledge, daily loss. Loss and more loss. Loss and more loss. Until one cannot do. Take the world. Pursue Tao, daily gain. Pursue Tao, daily.

The sages have no constant mind. They cautiously merge their ears and eyes. The sages care for the virtue of goodness. Those who are good, I am also believe them.

Coming into an army, they have nowhere to thrust their blades Why? Because they have nowhere to lodge their blades. Why? Because they do not encounter rhinos or tigers entering!

Tao and value virtue. The respect the Tao and value of virtue. Not due to command but does not flaunt. Nurtures but does not possess. Acts but does not dominate.

The world having its mother of the mouth shut the mouth. Meddle in the light. Return to the mouth. Meddle in the affairs. Live without salvation all through life. Seeing.

If I fear only to deviate from it, the great Tao is not the side paths. The great Tao is broad and plain, but people like the side paths. The...

That which is strongly held cannot be taken. The descendants will commemorate it in the world; its virtue shall be abundant. Cultivate it forever. Cultivate it in the world with...

Those who hold an abundance of sexual union but can cry the Tao that which is said to be constancy is said to the Tao that which is called contrary.

Those who know do not know. Close the glare. Mix the sharpness. Unravel the sharpness. Unravel the world. Those who know close the knots. Dim the mouth. Shut the sharpness.

Govern a country with surprise tactics. Take the people, have many sharp weapons. The people simplify themselves I prefer quiet, and the sage says: “I have many restrictions in the..”

When governing is lackluster the people are shrewd and honest. When governing is scrutinizing the confusion of people has lasted many long days. Therefore the sages are: “Righteous without being.”

In governing people and firm foundation the Tao of power one cannot overcome. One's limits are unknown. The Tao of longevity and serving. Heaven! There is nothing like conservation is...

Ruling a large country is like cooking a small fish. Using the Tao to one another so virtue merges, and returns ruling a small fish using the Tao to manage.

The larger one should assume the lowest river. The receptive female always overcomes the lower position. Thus one uses the large country is lower position to take. The other uses.

The treasure of jade before four horses. None of jade before four horses. None of the offering of jade before four horses. None of all things. The treasure of the...

Act without tasting. Great, small, many, few. Respond to hatred with virtue. Plan difficult tasks must deserve little trust. One who sees many easy tasks. The difficult tasks of the...

When it is peaceful, it is easy to scatter. Act on it when it is peaceful, it is peaceful, it when it is small, it is small, it is easy...

Those of the state know that these standards always. Knowing these two are both standards. Is being a thief of the state? Know that these two are both standards. Always!

Rivers and oceans can be in staying low so they can be the people. They are positioned in front, but the people do not feel burdened. They must speak humbly.

Everyone in the world thus able to have three treasures I hold on to be ahead in the world calls my Tao great as if it can be insignificant long!

The great generals are not get angry. Those who are not warlike. The great generals are not warlike. The great warriors do not get angry. Those who are not engage.

The ultimate principle of non-contention. It is called being harmonious with Heaven! The great generals are good at managing people lower themselves. It is called the virtue of managing people.

My words have principle. People do not understand me are easy to understand, cannot practice. My words are few, thus I am highly valued. Therefore they do not understand me.

To not know is highest. To know is why they recognize the fault. The sages are without fault can one be without fault as a fault. The sages are without.

When people no longer fear force they bring about greater force. Do not glorify themselves but do not praise themselves but do not limit their livelihood. Because the ruler does.

The bold in not let anything slip through The Tao of Heaven: Does not speak and yet does not daring will be killed. The heavenly net is vast, loose, and...

People do not hurt their own hands. People do not hurt their own hands. People do not fear death. How can capture and kill? It is rare that they be!

The people's disregard death is due to the excess of life, so they are difficult to the meddling of their ruler, so they are difficult to the meddling of life.

While the body is the soft and yielding is hard and trees... While alive, the body is the body is soft and trees... While alive, the soft and yielding is...

The Tao of Heaven is like drawing a bow. Lower that which is low reduce that which has excess to the lacking the Tao. Therefore sages act without conceit achieve.

Nothing in the soft overcomes the strong. This is softer or weaker than water, yet nothing can replace it that the hard and strong and the state is called its...

After settling a great dispute there must be remaining resentments. How can this be considered good? Therefore the contract! Those without virtue hold the other person. Those without virtue hold.

Small country, few people regard death seriously, and not use them. Let the sounds of roosters and dogs from one another. Small country, few people let them savor their homes.

True words are good. Those who are not broad of knowledge do not contend. True words are good. Those who are broad of sages assists and does not accumulate. The...

True words are not good. Those who are broad of sages assists, and Earth the Tao that can be named is not true. Those who debate are broad of mysteries.

The writer's text, performs a guide for rulers, it defined the philosophical basis of Taoism. This page allows the traditional founder of Taoism... This engine munches through the writer's text. Doctor Nerve. Main Menu. OUTPUT: the writer's text, performs a Markov Output INPUT: the Tao, or poetry, and submit it defined the writer's text, performs a statistical analysis, and spits!!!

DWAH Fanfic Intro
The journey started in the most bizarre of board room meetings perhaps. CEO Hideki Mishima was conducting the affairs of Evil Enterprises as usual. It was sometime in early Fall perhaps during the quarterly meeting to see how business was doing, and what acquisitions could be added to the corporation’s long line of conquered rivals. Evil A was in attendance for the first time in several years and seemed dead set on presenting a plan to move operations into a new realm. She was back from either a recent expedition or a long period of conducting research in her private labs inside the headquarters of Evil Enterprises. No one could really keep track of where she may have really been as she is a master of stealth and intrigue among many other talents. One would think this was nothing new for the multi-realm conglomerate and its real leader for though the CEO was not Evil it was clear she had much more influence in matters than Hideki Mishima… The other board members were Mozart Mistress, Sergeant Dante, and Kris. #2 Ninja was in attendance of the meeting as well. He was Evil A’s most trusted associate even though his true name has never been disclosed in corporate files. He was perhaps the second most important individual in the meeting for he had knowledge of where Evil wanted to take the corporation next. He had personally led the scouting of the land of D’Wah’Iia to assess the potential of a paramilitary operation being launched in what has been dubbed The Mystic Lands.

The others were quiet as Mishima starts with the usual summary of operations. He was about to conclude so Evil could present her case for expansion.

"Now as you can see our numbers have increased due to our new holdings though we have had to increase the size of our ninja clone army yet again to deal with the new load. Overall, it was still beneficial to gain the new land, and therefore a new market," Mishima said. "We all know none of this matters as much as the true objectives of Evil Enterprises as a front for Evil's continual push for greater influence outside of her home domain. More influence allows us to bring forth more chaos. Tis a win for the corporation and the underlying motives of Evil. She has something to present on as I conclude. Any questions on the current placement of Evil Enterprises this quarter?"

"Are there any noobs to be eaten from these new lands?" Kris asked. "The Great Devourer requires tribute to continue to work here... you all know the arrangements Evil made to bring me aboard."

"Certainly, such arrangements have been made to keep you well fed," Evil chimed in. "Now, do we have any real questions before I begin?"

"I take it you have read over my latest report before you prepared your presentation," #2 Ninja pointed out.

"Yes, for I do like being informed before I present," Evil said. "Preparation must come before anything, even well placed chaos."

"Very good," #2 Ninja replied.

The other two board members remained silent waiting to hear what Evil had to say. They were all too aware that the decision to be made at the meeting has already been made. It was just a matter of Evil playing up the charade of the corporation that brought them together though it had its perks. It was better than fighting Evil... and she compensated them all very well.

"Alright, what we have before the board is another request to further operations, but in this case it is not for acquisition," Evil A said. "I desire the use of several divisions of our forces to attack this D’Wah’Iia. We can acquire new markets through alliances but I desire to keep this land hostile to harvest chaos from... it is perfect for this purpose. There are already many warlords there fighting among themselves. Powerful beings that have not been found in such concentrations elsewhere. This is what I have been looking for since beginning this corporation, and pushing the forces of Evil beyond my own domain in the hopes regaining the power I had before God last came before me. She wrecked me, and next time I want to show her I am not to be treated like that again. She tried to keep me down, and yet I have built a mighty force since then. It is time to show God what Evil can really do."

"Are we to believe this is all about revenge?" Sergeant Dante dared to ask.

"It is more than that," Evil said. "It is a matter of power. We want to have the power. To obtain it we need to harvest something as primal as chaos. This corporation has been built on it. We need chaos to sustain what we have built. These weapons we bring to others are useless without chaos."

"Valid point," Sergeant Dante replied.

"Sounds like an excellent plan to me as long as I can write songs about it," Mozart said.

"Indeed, you can do such Mozart," Evil replied. "Anything else?"

The others all responded with a no in unison.

"Good," Evil said. "It seems our staging area is under the control of one J-kun. His forces are strong but if we can push him off even a small segment of his territory it will do well to announce our arrival. No reason to pick anything but among the strongest to attack first. Now I shall be off to my lab to work on some new schematics as the invasion is prepared for..."

Evil A walks out of the board meeting followed quickly by #2 Ninja. The others remain in the board room to actually vote on what the corporation is willing to commit to the invasion though such protocol would not interfere with Evil's plans. Evil Enterprises was an odd shell operation but it has been profitable for those that have decided to serve on its board.

Evil A
Community Member

Evil A
Community Member
Many names of Evil
The Names of Evil
Air Rave Jammer
Arctic Fox
Aurora Lucida Black
Calist Nox
Dachau Buchenwald
Dead End
Garland/Old Man - Android (reference from FFIX)
God of Blackholes
Kawaii Neko
KNSP 1984
Lord Aarnox
Mr. Raven DJ
Pontusia Pilate
Robo Radu - Robotic vampire
Saika Magoichi
The Angel of Chaos
The Black Hand
The Bohemian
The Broken Man
The Cheness
The Dead Man
The Immortal
The Scientist
The Technomancer
The Twitch
Treblinka Nox
Trent Gibson
UHX 337
Usagi, the All Supreme
Verbatim Red Shizen
Woo Shirow

Full Wishlist of Goodness
Alleycat's Allure
Alleycat's Appeal x2
Alleycat's Attraction x2
Anarchist's Defiance End x2
Bear Batter x2
Brave Bonnie x2
Craft of Espionage
Crimson Cat Breath x2
Dark Cottontail x2
Daughter of Fury x2
Dream Chimes Flight
Exacting Inspector x2
Ex Machina x3
Grenado Ex Machina
Grimm Lolita
Imperious Post Apocalyptic Princess x4
Madoka Magica: Kyoko Sakura x2
Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki x2
Moira's Crimson Rebellion x2
Moira's Durem Rebellion x2
Moira's Monochromatic Rebellion x2
Night's Shadow x2
Paramour's Divulge x2
Presumptuous Post Apocalyptic Princess x4
Private Forces x2
Purky x2
Recon Pariah 513 x3
Reserved Ex Machina x2
Ruby-Plated Ninja Headband
Shadowlegend x2
Spear of the Tino
Stealthy Rooftop Hunter x2
Swift Eliminator x2
Twintails of an Assassin
Yama no Astros x2

Evil A
Community Member

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