I fixed my necklace. But its making me depressed. I had made this necklace for my best friend in the whole world. and he was thrilled i had given it to him. one day he asked me to go swimming and get ice cream with him. we were on the way to the lake and this drunk driver was tearing up the street behind us. my friend sped up. he said, "i wont be able to out drive him. hes gonna hit us from behind." he strapped me in tighter to the seat. and he sat on the floor in front of me with one hand on the steering wheel. he told me to keep my eyes open and stare him straight in his eyes. he reached up to his neck and took the necklace off. he took my hand and put it in my hand. "keep it. it will remind u of me. i love you." he said. he put his head near mine and whispered a final goodbye. the car hit us and he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. but the impact threw him into the dashboard where his spine broke. i cried my heart out. i put the necklace on and swore to him and myself i would never take it off and it will go with me to my grave. thats the sad history of my necklace. its black with a dragon pendant and spikes on it. and all i wanna do, is hold him again. i wanna hold Kayl again. Kayl Deran, i miss you. i cant wait to see you.