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Neon_Kitten's edge of sanity

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Job Possibilities?
So... I'm applying for a job, at the Denver Public Library, it is in their western history and genealogy department. What'll I be doing if I get said job? Scanning, archiving, digitizing, repairing and otherwise preserving vintage photographs.

Now doesn't that sound just bloody cool as hell? I think it does.

I have all of the skills they're asking for... Photoshop, yup, Traditional Darkroom Skills, yup (have my own Darkroom at home yah know?), Knowledge of Vintage photographic processes? Oh yeah. Customer Service skills? Uh Huh, Technical computer skills... heh, they ask for 6 mos, I have about 6 years of IT support.

So... I'm going for it.

Wish me luck kk?


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Decisions, Annoyance
I have decided, that I'm sick and tired of using appropriation in my art.<br>Yup, you heard me, I am ******** sick to death of it.

Why? Probably because I have all these powerful tools right at my hands available to CREATE from SCRATCH new content, new imagery, new sounds, etc.. etc.. and yet, the most common request from my instructors in these programs is: "Go out on the internet and find an image to use for your next project!"

******** that. Done with it.

Told this to one of my instructors the other day... they looked at me as if I had gone mad. I am mad. I'm mad at the fact that I'm paying lots of money for school, to learn how to USE tools to CREATE content, and all these people want me to do is model my work after s**t from stylistically over 100 years ago.

With this kind of power and ability to create, why the ******** should I rely on others to create, and merely appropriate? Someone tell me that huh?

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Community Member
Left field, at 3am
I've been stressing over a flash project... the idea I came up with for it sucks.

The basic requirements are that it has invisible buttons that trigger events in the form of movie clips...

I was going to do a thing about marriage and who can and why can they marry...

The whole concept... was moronic, blunt, and ... yeah... sweatdrop

So I have a new idea....

It caused me not to sleep last night until I wrote it all out.

I'm glad I did, so vivid in the dark of madness at 3am, is washed out and fuzzy in the morning light.

My writing is viscious, visceral, and hardly legible whee But I can read it, and the idea comes through clearly.

Now I just have to work on it.

Maybe I'll post it when I'm done, probably not here though, due to some of the content it will contain.

Until later.


14 hours
So, I've discovered that a full recommended adult dose of NyQuil, puts me out of the game for 14 hours. If I took this dose on a friday or saturday night, this would not be a problem, but taking it at 4am on a night where you need to be to school by 4pm the next day, to start a class, and not waking up until 6pm that evening... is not a good thing.

Oh well, I apologized to my students yesterday for it, they were all cool about it.


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Community Member
An entry?
Yeah it looks that way. Last time I posted one was in 2005.. wow?

A Lot has changed. sweatdrop

I'm living on my own, this is a good thing, but difficult. I barely made rent this month, and couldn't pay my cellphone bill... cry But I did pay the internet bill, so I still have communication abilities.

I feel really good to be on my own again, however, I feel lonely at times... no one to come home to but a cat and a hamster... and they're not that good for converation.

I have about a year left in school, provided I don't screw anything up this semester.

I bought a new laptop... and already want a new one... rolleyes but that's because I've been having lots of problems and it's annoying to call dell and then wait on them to take care of the problems... They used to rock in the Tech Support Arena... now they suck.

So someone going to buy me MacBook Pro tricked out?

I had this guy taking an interest in me... heh... I was stand-offish with him and everything, something didn't feel right to me in my gut about him... about a week later, he's still flirting with me, invited me to my normal Coffee shop to have dinner and a couple drinks, goes outside for a smoke (Denver is a 100% non-smoking indoors town now) and gets jumped by bounty hunters and extradicted to Texas... His friends were telling me 'oh it's nothing serious, he'll be out quickly' and i'm all 'bounty hunters don't cross state lines for petty s**t, and your accounts don't get frozen unless there's decent enough suspicion to justify it...'

Wierdness huh? eek

So much... so much...

but that's all for now.

Happy Indiginous Peoples Shoulda Let the Pilgrims Die Day? stare

mew! Heh...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for:

Having a roof over my head... Despite annoyances,
Having more than enough food to eat,
Really cool friends that make me wait out in the cold for new video gaming systems,
My health being a LOT better than it was this time last year,
My car still working despite the clothes hangers and wierd solders eek
Apple finally getting me a replacement iPod that works longer than two weeks,
All the hobbies I have which keep me entertained,
I'm sure many other things as well that just are so much background noise I'm not concious enough to appreciate them... sweatdrop

Mew! 4laugh

Community Member

Community Member
Slowly Rebuilding.
Okay... so the computer got a kick in the a** and a reformat. It helps having a nice big firewire drive to back everything important up to so it remains intact. However, once again, like a dumbass, I forgot to backup my favorites in IE... Yup... oh well, nothing that major lost... just a minor annoyance.

Why? Oh come on now... this poor machine has been running pretty solidly non stop for a little over a year. It was cluttered, slowing down, being painful, and was almost ready to be shot and killed dead. Granted, being that it is a crippled immobile laptop is a point against it... however it still functions and I can deliver wonderfully odd and off kilter content to all of you internet peeps via the CRT connected to the back of the poor immobile laptop... I have found that the issue was actually common with the Inspiron 8100s... which means the odds of findiing a replacement LCD is almost nil at any kind of reasonable 'scrap' price. Last time I looked at eBay for such a beast, I found lots of parts only 8100s, Disclaimer.. LCD FUBAR!... so.. screwed am I until possibly january and an influx of cash from the federal we're holding your money for no good reason department decides to give my money back to me... And maybe possibly a reinstated Financial Aid package... Which would be lovely.

On the job front... the annoyance has already begun from the oh so lovable father type figure. he woke me up twice today, once at 11:30, again at noon, and was he PISSED... I mean.. .damn... GO AND FIND A JOB! NOW!

This from a man, who has only ever applied and held one job his entire life. He has no idea what the current job market is like, or how hard it is for someone like me with a restrictive schedule to find a job. Meh... the stupidness persists despite any attempt to rectify it.

Anyhow... I really really really should get to sleep as it is 2:30 in the am. I think that's somewhere around 'Oh Gods I Should Really Be Asleep Because of Class Tomorrow.' But my usual bad sleeping habits of insomnia persist.

Well.. Anyhow... despite me going to sleep or not, I'm signing off. Have fun.

Cold wet feet.
So I walked to work today. I got soaked in the 16 inches of slush and water and... well, a little bit of snow... I worked with my feet wet the whole shift... cry


It was dead, we closed at 8.

I got out about 9:45 cause I was waiting for the dish girl to give me the stuff for the kitchen back...

She MADE me take $10 since I helped her bus tables and shovel the snow off the sidewalk... I tried to refuse, but she kept insisting, and I looked at her and said... 'You're going to make me take this money aren't you' and she kinda screwed up her face and nodded... I rolled my eyes and took the money. She's a sweetheart, but, definately a scratch and denter if you know what I mean... Some parents should be retroactively aborted and their kids put into loving homes... sweatdrop

On the flip side of things, it was only me, the disher, and the manager tonight... no one else even showed. Not that it really mattered much... it was slow enough that if I had to I would have cooked, waited tables AND dished, but... heh... didn't come to that, And I've done it before so... Meh... rolleyes

Then I walked home, and sat in front of the fire and warmed up.. Thanks mom...!

My dad is stuck right now in a hotel somewhere in town, he couldn't come home cause of the highway being closed between Denver and the Kansas border... He's a jerk most of the time... but I kinda feel sorry for him, he's got no supplies and he's going to have to go to work tomorrow in the same clothes he wore today... Eww...

I probably won't make it to school tomorrow, as the highway is likely to still be closed... And that's not a good thing... last couple of days of a project and such... crying

Anyone got a winning powerball ticket for this wednesday's drawing? If so, can I have it please? I could really do a lot with a few million bucks... but that's the trick though, the pipedream of winning a lotto... Money from nothing... they say it ruins you... heh... All I want is the chance to prove that money won't change me... But it will, in subtle ways. And in some of the stuff I do cause I really want to travel abroad a bit. Staying in the US causes way too much shortsightedness in my books...

Ah well.

Community Member

Community Member
Stupid new job of annoyance and such...
I hate my job. I already know this. And I've only worked 4 days for them.

I REALLY hate country music. and that's all they'll listen to in the kitchen. I pissed off the night guy because he left for a little while, and I changed the station and he got all mad at me when he got back. 'Look, you wanna listen to that music, you do it at home, that's MY stereo!' scream Sounded like my ******** dad...

And then he treats me like an idiot despite my abilities. That always pisses me off... They go out of their way to actually have me work a shift before they tell me that I'm hired to 'make sure I know what I'm doing'... and then they treat me like an idiot. It is no wonder that they can't keep cooks. They don't DESERVE to keep cooks for the way they act.

Oh, and if any of my friends who live nearby read this... don't EVER eat at the place I am currently working. The way they handle and rehandle and rehandle food is disgusting. It's like, DAMN, if that stupid white gravy is some strange color of orange, THROW THAT STUFF OUT. I mean... that's freaking DISGUSTING and ILLEGAL to mix it with fresh gravy. sweatdrop And that pork that you've reheated six times... And all the stuff you put away hot into the walk in instead of cooling down properly... Makes me ill. Surprised they haven't started a food borne epidemic around this town.

That's the other thing. I hate living in this pos small town. Job oppurtunities are scarce, people are idiots, and well, it's like someone poured a bottle of bleach over this area and scrubbed out anything interesting or different. And people LIKE it that way.

Okay.. done ranting for now. I think I'll apply at ADT on wednesday or thursday and maybe get a job there... I doubt I'll continue working there.

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