Hello my name is Rory! You can also call me Viti,
a shortening of my current artist name, I want to change it though soon.

I'm a guy, 24, gay and married, I lived most of my child and teenhood in California USA
but I live in Germany now for about 4 or 5 years now with the husb cool

I speak both English and German but I'm slower with German, of course.
My husband speaks both languages perfectly, although German is his native.

I do digital art mostly as a freelance job (I'm not that professional yet though).
I'm working on becoming an apprentice in tattooing.

I love talking about video games, ocs, animals, memes, nsfw art,
and gore/horror. I'm a horror, apocolyptic, sci-fi, medieval and steampunk fan
so rpgs containing any of that are a plus for me.
Yes I love rping. I am very slow though because of all the other stuff I do daily :[

I own 2 cats and 2 newts (alpine), talk about your pets with me please
I love hearing stories about animals. I am equally a dog and cat person also!

Although I'm very talkative and extroverted I tend to vanish sometimes randomly
and not talk for hours, it's not your fault I'm just easily distracted, sorry...
Either that or I'm just offline, I live in the EU so my GMT is (CET +1)
8 to 9 hours ahead of California time.