“What?!” I ask, shocked from the sudden call of my name.

“What are you doing? I told you to get the supplies ten minutes ago,” a familiar voice said. I take a second to come back to reality. I must’ve been daydreaming again. I rub my eyes and turn to the person who questioned me, my eyes finally adjusting to the world around me.

“Oh, Luke, it’s you,” I say when I focus in on him. Luke is a “high up” in our little “Rebel Alliance” against the organization that sent this world into chaos. Ever since they uploaded that virus into the VR Tech’s central processor, whatever that is, everything stopped working. Vehicles, electronics, appliances, anything that used electricity was shut off. Permanently. Just like he said that day. That had to have been a year and a half ago. I can’t believe how long it’s been since then. Granted, a year isn’t that long. But, given this world we live in now, a year seems like a really long time. Through this feud between this new organization, more like a militia than anything, and us trying to get through their forces to turn the power back on, the world around us has been reduced to rubble. Vegetation grows around, over, and through anything it can. Some of the buildings have been blown up because of the heavy artillery the organization has possession of. I’m talking rocket launchers, machine guns, rifles, and grenades. Sure, we have some of those items as well, but there’s a much smaller quantity compared to theirs. That leads to a shortage of supplies, which then leads to casualties on the battlefield. I can’t begin to count how many people we’ve lost in the last month…..
But, we’ve had a stroke of luck through all the hardships we’ve been through. A group was actually able to slip into their main HQ, which is also where the VR Tech’s central processor is housed, and reach the VR Tech. They tried and tried to turn it back on, but nothing could get it going again. It was then they were discovered and slaughtered. We only know they’ve made it that far due to two soldiers talking about them while we were trying to steal supplies from them. I almost lost my cool when they were talking about them. Luckily Luke was there to calm me down. I would’ve blown our cover had I not.

“Did you hear me Scarlett? Go and get those supplies.” Luke asked, looking at me with an angered expression.

“OK. Sorry,” I say, rather sarcastically, walking pass him in my white tank top, black pants, and boots to retrieve what we stole from the soldiers. A couple of “rebels” and I carry the supplies to a main tent we set up as our temporary HQ. Crates and boxes began to stack up on the side of it for others to sort through and divide up with the entire group. Some of the crates held weapons and ammunition, things we desperately need. Others held food and water for that platoon to survive off of, which we also desperately need. After all of the supplies were unloaded we began to hand the various guns and ammo around. Me, I choose not to use any kind of firearm. That’s mainly because I’m not good at using one. I stick to a sword and crossbow. I caught onto using those rather quickly. But, if need be, I do carry a handgun on the right side of my hips, just in case. Luckily, there’s usually arrows for me to restock on in these supply crates. Not all of the soldiers use live ammunition. I suppose they’re running out of it and trying to conserve as much as they can. Unfortunately, I don’t think that means they’re going to give up. I feel like, if we don’t get pass their defenses and turn on the power, then they’ll continue to keep it off for as long as possible.

To me, that makes sense. I mean, no matter how many of them we kill, there always seem to be more right around the corner. I can’t imagine people to willingly sign up to keep the power off. The leader, whoever he may be, must have some way of making the soldiers fight for him after he enslaves them. I could only imagine he’d kill whoever doesn’t agree to his terms. And the women….I don’t want to think about what happens to them…...Just thinking about it, especially since I’m a female, gets me upset. So, I look to the group and watch as they make preparations to settle in. Then I hear Luke talking to a couple of people about their next plan of attack.

“…need to find him. If we don’t, we won’t be able to turn the power back on and get rid of this organization,” he tells the person to his left. I’m not sure who he’s talking to since I’m looking at him through my peripheral.

“But sir, you know they’re looking for him as well. It’s practically a suicide mission. You know that right?” the male said to Luke.

“I know that!” he snapped back. “I just don’t know what else to do. This is our only shot at getting the power turned back on and having order brought back into the world.” Luke looked around at the two beside him.

“Well, who’s going to go?” The two around him didn’t say a word. Then, the one to his right spoke up.

“I’m sorry Luke,” he began as he looked down towards the table they were surrounding, “but I don’t want to go on a suicide mission.”

“Same here,” the one on the right said. I wasn’t looking at him and I could tell Luke was going to go off. My intuition seemed to prove true.

“What do you mean?!” he yelled. I could tell that got the attention of the group. Whatever Luke yelled, you stopped what you were doing just out of the authority of his voice.

“This is our only chance at getting the VR Tech turned back on, and you two don’t want to take this opportunity?”

“I’m sorry Luke,” the one on the right said, “but, even if we do take up this mission, we don’t even know where the kid is. How would we find him?” Luke took a second, probably thinking about what he wanted to say next.

“I’m not sure…” he responded. I could hear a sigh come from his mouth and see him turn around. I let my head drop and take a deep breath. This is possibly the last chance everything could be set back to normal. All we have to do is find him, get him to the central processor, and fix everything. But, the Organization is going after him as well. Not to mention we have to figure out where he is. And, if we find him, we have to get him into the HQ of the organization. As well as the possibility of dying in the process of finding and tracking him down. I exhale, stand up, and look towards Luke.

“Hey!” I yell as I stare the three down.

“What?” Luke responds as he turns to look at me.

“I’m in.”