First of all, happy Xmas for everyone who celebrating. For those who not, simply happy holiday!!

I am not celebrating it tho, but I still having fun for the holiday with my family going dinner.

====My GaiaOnline Stuffs====

Managed to buy that Gallant Princess of Solair finally pirate

Hmmm Gcash price is raising in marketplace slowly but surely. Most likely will be up to 150 ~ 180 plats / 1 GC

Monster Hunter World PC => Behemoth farming!! scream So many rage loses due to newbies don't know how to take cover from the meteor. Then there also AT Vaal Hazak to cut down...

Kingdom Hearts III => Much more trailer and that OST from Hikaru and Skrillex mix is really cool.

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Elsword: Laby so cute, eh?
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SAO: Fatal Bullet => Collecting dust in my steam library.

Ace Combat 7 when? Wanted to buy Valkyria Chronicles 4 but waiting for better steam sales yet. Oh right, there is also God Eater 3 in the list.

====Anime & Manga====

Goblin slayer => Nice arc exchange, right?

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san => Gaia really should make reference item from this anime vampire girl... maybe there's similar stuffs existed already?

Zombie Land Saga & SSSS.Gridman => Kinda full of mental emo-ego ending for both, eh?

Seishun Buta Yarou Bunny Senpai => Liked the creative expansion compared to the manga.

Uchi no Maid Uza => Hoped for more happier ending. But the studio done the best already.

SAO Alicization => Well pleased with first season quality although still lose compared to previous GGO-Alter. Managed to depicted the novel in somewhat more serious than people ever thought especially certain latest episodes. Hope it stays consistent for the next season.

Kaguya-sama Love is War => Anime is coming, manga is about to end?

World Trigger => The manga is continuing now. Love that Hyuse & Yuma combo. Does Chika gonna cannon bombard the mall from outside? So impatient waiting the next chapter.

Also, I am missing few titles from my reading list... Gotta relist all my browser history again sweatdrop