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I'm sick of reality. I wish my life had a control I could rewind and pause at any given moment. I dont know what Im gonna be, I have low self esteem at the moment, Im scared my mother is gonna die. Not that she's on her death bed but...let me put it this way, my mom has always been the strongest person I know, likely to kick your a** whether it be with words or fists. Either way very effective. But she's getting old, she has arthritis, escoliosis( sorry if I mispelled dont know how to say that in english) and she has very poor eye sight, much so that she could lose her sight completely any given day. Today I saw her walking with a cane. It didnt bother me, as much as alarm me. I'm scared of losing my mother, she's been the only constant thing in my life, I can't imagine life without her. She's the coolest bravest mom anyone could ever hope to have. That is all I have to say.


There once was a pony named Phillip. Phillip had schistofrenia and had a limp leg. He was friends with Pepito. He was Phillips only friend, and he had a shiny and spazay soda can....of doOm. One day Phillip decided to go to the park to smoke mushrooms with the panda people. Phillip happily smoked mushrooms with the panda people when they were suddenly attacked by the evil smurfs!! They evil smurfs wanted the panda peoples 'shrooms so badly...mrph...so they attacked Phillip. Ofcourse, they didnt think Phillip would call...PEPITO!
Pepito came to the rescue with 2 other allies, Barney the child molester and Elmo the pimp king along with his hoes! Pepito's crew challenged the evil smurfs to a dance off in order to protect the panda people and their magical mushrooms. It was on! Elmo's Teletubbie bisnatches ruled with their psycho macarena remix. They were on fire!! The competition was fierce and the smurfs fought back with the ketchup dance.
So there they were, in the middle of one of the most horrifying battles anyone has ever seen, when out of no where the powerpuff girls fall out of the sky! Bubble's purty smile disturbed and distracted the smurfs, giving Phillip enough time to remember the ghetto fabulous move!! The electric slide....of DooOom! The smurfs were smurfafied by their style and grace but soon ready to retaliate! In the middle of the battlefield Barney the child molester is distracted and no one could have predicted what was going to take place next....Barney mesmerized by Po's child-like form runs across the dancefloor and does the unspeakable...He humps Po! And a wave of silence over came the crowd as they stared in amazement. Many gauged their eyes in horror.
Suddenly, POP! out came Michael Jackson! He and Barney humped the Teletubbies in unision!! "What the smurf is going on mother smurfer?!" yelled the smurfs. Miachael was astounded by these aligations saying " I was merely playing with the children, I swear!! His fly was open...I was just helping". It was evident that Michael was panicing and so he blew his enchanted wiennie whistle and Thor, his magical unicorn come down the rainbow. Michael jumps on Thor and flees yelling out "forget me not children!!" "o.O what the smurf?" said Pepito (who had been forgotten) Everybody stared at the fleeing Afro-caucasian mutantand his unicorn. Then they looked at the ground and found his nose. Creepy.
Forgetting this..umm...'incident' , they started fighting for the panda peoples and Phillips magical 'shrooms. "Yo-yo, what is going down herrre?" yelled Elmo. Elmo soon rounded up all his Teletubie biznaches and pimp slapped everyone of them. Phillip was flabbergasted at Elmo and asked "What the smurf was that fo'?!" and Elmo replied "Because, we can all get along fo' shizzle!" As Elmo said these deep and profound words, everyone gathered in a square triangle and cried as they shared their feelings.
They decided to share the magical mushrooms and live out their days in tee-pees. As for Barney and Michael, they decided to join evil forces and make a child emporiom. It went well for them, until they were forced to go into Child molesters annonimus. Last time they were seen, they were in court. But everybodyelse lived happily high after.

The Mushroomy End!!

Story by :Annonymous Hippopotamus, Sesshamare & Scary Psychotic Girl

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Hi...I hate you..I dont know you but by you reading my journal, that signals that your into messing and snooping around in other peoples business..so get the ******** out....and DIE ..Bahbyez & have a nice day! domokun mrgreen

Scary Psychotic Girl
Community Member
Scary Psychotic Girl
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