1. boy-" are you ok?" girl-"yeah, im fine". that means, NO IM NOT OK. basically, if you think theres something wrong, there is. if she isnt telling you, then do what you can to make her happy. dont just leave it to fester like a bad splinter.

2.boy-"you sure are going the bathroom alot today". like that statement isnt awkward in and of itself. Moving right along though, girls do have a time of month when they do need to use the bathroom more than usual. so let them, and dont make it more awkward.

3. all girls like getting flowers. even if they don't say so, they do. now, it doesn't have to be a dozen roses. it could be just a few daisies. either way, girls like flowers.

4.chocolate. yes,we love chocolate. but don't get buy us so much that we start to complain about being fat.

5. LISTEN TO HER. don't just pretend to listen, and then later not recall anything she says. it makes her feel unimportant.

6. dont interrupt her when shes telling you something, or telling a story. it also makes her feel unimportant.

7.boy-"lets watch a movie" girl-"ok,which one?" boy-"i dunno, you pick one". girl-"what do you want to do tnight?" boy-"i dunno, you choose"
Be a man, make some "tough" decisions. that's kind of your roll.

8. little things, big meaning. leave her little hidden notes, or post cute pictures/quotes on her facebook wall. let her know you like her a little.

9. So if shes your lady, act like it. defend her when shes picked on, protect her when shes hit on, and talk to her when shes quiet. and walk with her arm in arm, like a gentleman.

10. tell her you love her. at least once a day.