QUESTIONS (friend made me lol)
*******Would You*********
1. Kiss me?
2. Hug me?
3. Hold me?
4. make love to me?
5. Drink with me?
6. Hold my hand?
7. say you love me?

********Am I********
1. the type of person u want to be with?
2. Dateable?
3. Pretty/beautiful/sexy/okay/or ugly?

*********If you could*********
1. Tell me one thing wat would it be?
2. tell me your feelings for me would you?
3. love me would you?
4. be with me would you?

*********Have you ever********
1.Dreamed about me?
2. Pictured me in your bed?
3. thought of getting married to me?
4. thought about being friends til the end?
5. Been mad at me?
6. Hated me?
7. wanted to hurt me?
8. thought about kids?