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Writing Excerts by Bol As of now I am going to use this journal to show off small tidbits of my writing. Nothing too exciting unless you like reading ^^b

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This is a doctor’s recording of a questioning period of Patient 3942, or Cathy Robertson. Patient was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in late 2007, and was admitted to the hospital in early 2009 for treatment.

Doctor: Good morning Cathy. I am going to ask you a few questions. When you answer, could you please speak into the microphone? We are recording the conversation for further revue later on.

Cathy: Sure.

Doctor: Now Cathy, how have you been feeling?

Cathy: You mean besides the fact that I am locked in a cell at the age of 19? Not too bad doc. I’ve been having pretty major headaches though.

Doctor: Yes yes, I understand that you could be upset. Believe me when I say this is all for your benefit. Now, today we are going to talk about what happened to you two years ago. (Some shuffling of papers is heard) On the 26th of May, I believe?

Cathy: Oh that? Look, I have already told the police everything they needed to know, so I don’t see a reason to go through it again.

Doctor: I believe it would be therapeutic for you to talk about what happened Cathy. Please, just try your best to tell me everything.

Cathy: Ever had someone cheat on you Doc? Ever been in love with someone, and had them go around behind your back with another guy? It hurts, a lot. And it’s not even against the law. But when the person who was cheated on takes action, they are sent to jail. Does that make sense to you doctor?

Doctor: Yes yes, I understand why you took those actions, but I want to know what provoked you into it?

Cathy: Well, as I remember it, it was a normal day. Not much was happening, and at the time I was just looking forward to the summer with Jake. That morning I had no idea what he was doing behind my back.

Doctor: When did you first suspect?

Cathy: In first period. It was physics class and my partner, as usual, was Sam. We were talking, not about anything specific, when we got on the topic of boyfriends. Sam’s boyfriend Mike was a really great guy. Well to her at least. He treated me like... well, I don’t have a real way to describe it, but every once and a while he would say something kind of off to me. Anyways, when I started talking about Jake she got really quiet and wouldn’t comment on anything I said. It was weird but I ignored it.

Doctor: Then what happened?

Cathy: Well, I went on with my day. At lunch, Jake couldn’t sit with me because he was working on some sort of project for social studies. I didn’t really comment on it, but I was sort of suspicious about how he told me. It sounded like a half truth, but I didn’t pry. I trusted the jerk. Anyways, near the end of lunch I saw him leaving the theatre green room with Sam, which I was confused about. Sam wasn’t even in his Socials class. And when I went into the green room to snoop around a bit, that creepy goth girl was in there as well. I asked her if she had seen what they were doing, and she just grinned all creepy like and pointed at a bra that was sitting on a pile of clothes. When I picked it up, I realized it was Sam’s.

Doctor: So what did you do?

Cathy: Well, I did what any girl would have done; I confronted him. You know what he had the nerve to do? He said he didn’t even know anyone named Sam, said he had never met her. I had been friends with her ever since the beginning of high school, for god’s sake! So I told him that the goth girl had seen them having sex in the theatre room, and yet he still insisted he had no idea what I was talking about! He lied right to my face, and I just lost it.

Doctor: Wasn’t stabbing him a little bit extreme though Cathy?

Cathy: I don’t think so, he deserved it, the b*****d. Luckily for me I had been learning karate since I was 8.

Doctor: Cathy, do you know why you were admitted to the hospital?

Cathy: Because I am crazy right? Stabbing a guy who cheated on me with my best friend? Yah, that makes me crazy. What I really don’t understand though, is why Sam is here as well. So she is a whore, is that a mental disease? And why does she need to be in the same cell as me?

Doctor: Don’t worry, Sam will be leaving here very soon, very soon indeed.

[recording ends]

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