Dear Journal/Diary and the person who is reading,
wow look at the date and time. huh.

Previously in Gurotsuki's solo costume party.

I got lazy to keep track on dates, so here's a collection of new and upgraded cosplays.
Okay I'm going to shut up more here and post pictures instead.
Yes I'm forever solo derping around with my mule.
They're all lolis lelelelelel.
Okay someday I'll do rule thirty-what and genderbend them. Maybe.

Ib: Ib the really sarcastic protag who outruns macabre art ladies and painting stalkers.
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The Witch's House/Majo no Ie: Ellen who, Viola who, who is who again.
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Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea: More like the Great Dead Sea. /shot
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Mogeko Castle: Blood, panties, high school girls and violence for dummies.
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Mad Father: Rock music playing in the BG when caught by zombies.
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Yume Nikki: Brute Madotsuki in her own dreams jumping off the balcony.
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Yume 2kki: Urotsuki owns a harem and is always curious about weird things.
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Enjoy and thanks for reading!