Skypies: Episode 2 Fill Er Up

{Fill Er Up Gas Station 11:00pm}

(Thank you! Come Again!)

(Shadow waves to the car driving away from the station)

Chef: (smiles while placing the gas pump back into the socket) man shadow today has been fun

Shadow: (quickly nods as a grin forms across his face) I agree chef. I've had a blast

Chef: (crosses both his arms) you know what bro, I really like this job. I mean it definitely beats out my last job

Shadow: (leans his back against a cement pillar supporting the gas pumps) yeah, I know what you mean. My last job was working at some lame dry cleaning station, and get this. The pay sucked lemons

Chef: (chuckles) well at least no one talked behind your back like at my last job

Shadow: (eyes widen) dang! Some douchebag actually did that?

Chef: (slowly nods) yep, and I was pretty pissed when I found out

(Just then Rev walks out of the station)

Rev: (motions with his right hand) hey shadow? Phone call!

Shadow: (wears a confused look as he points to self) who me?

Rev: (nods with a grin) that's right

Shadow: (extends both arms out) Who the heck gave out my number! (Glares at chef)

Chef: (holds up his left hand) hey, it wasn't me shadow. I swear

Shadow: (switches his glare over to rev who approaches him still grinning) well rev! What do you have to say for yourself!

Rev: (chuckles) now-now shadow you know I'd never give your number out. However if I were you, I'd go see whose on there before she hangs up

Shadow: (grits his teeth) ah so you think this is funny huh!? ----- wait did you just say she?

Rev: (nods) yea

Shadow: (bolting off towards the station) Oh My Gosh! why didn't you just say that before!? (Enters building and picks up the phone laying on the counter) hello whoever this is. Now normally people call me shadow, but you may call me shadow fox cause I would love to make a day for u foxy mamma!

(2 mins later)

Shadow: (walks back outside) hey rev what the heck man! Nobody was on the phone!

Rev: (starts laughing) gotcha bro!

Shadow: (eyes widen) wait, what the freak!? What do you mean gotcha?

Rev: (points) it means you have to run the station now and I work with chef out here

Shadow: (wags one finger on his right hand) Oh Hecks No! You said you wanted to work behind the cashier so that's were you need to be!

Rev: (pretends to be sad) but shadow I've been behind that desk all day and my back is killing me from all that haunching over

(Shadow Frowns at rev just as jay walks outside the building)

Jay: hey-hey-hey! I'm not paying you guys to sit there chit-chatting like highschool cheerleaders ok! So lets get back to work running this business with high aggression

Shadow: (crosses his arms) uh jay!? It's almost 12am and nobody's even out here

Jay: (looks to his left and then his right) wow, you know what guys? Shadow has a point

Shadow: (rolls his eyes) no duh!

Jay: (shrugs his shoulders) anyway. I still want to thank you all for helping me out running this job. I couldn't have done it without ya

Chef: (smiles) its OK bro, were glad to be of service

Rev: (nods) that's right, and your dad was freakin cool for letting you run his business

Jay: (chuckles) thanks rev. But I'm afraid flattery will not get you a pay raise

Rev: (stomps the ground) Dang it! I thought it'd work

(Everyone laughs)

Jay: (looks down at his watch) well, looks like I'm off at 12:30 so I guess I'll catch back up on some snoozy time til then

Shadow: (glares at jay) now jay you know good and well you've been sleeping all day

Jay: (grins) I know that shadow. But you see the work I do all day is so tiring

Shadow: (raises an eyebrow) how the heck is playing uno on the computer all day tiring!?

Jay: (puts his right finger to his mouth) sssh! That's classified information shadow (turns and starts back towards the station)

Shadow: (runs after jay) jay hold up! What about rev?

Jay: (turns around and looks at rev) what wrong? He looks OK to me

Shadow: (shakes his head) no-no rev stole my position jay. I was suppose to be working the pump with chef

Jay: (looks at shadow) shadow-shadow come on now bro you got to be the bigger brother here. Now revs been busting his bridges behind the counter all day long, so for his sake and as your responsibility as an older brother, don't you think rev deserves a chance to switch positions with you?

Shadow: (sheds a tear) well geez jay when you put it like that (turns to look at rev) I guess you can work there

Rev: (pumps his fist) thanks shadow. You rock

(Just then a dark blue truck pulls into the parking lot, and a attractive girl steps out with long black hair, freckles, and green eyes causing all eyes to focus on her)

Cute girl: (notices jay and shadow and approaches them) Hi. Do any of you know jay?

Jay: (grins from ear to ear) that would be me!

Cute girl: (giggles) oh great my names christy. (Gives a uneasy laugh) look I was suppose to be at your 9pm interview but I accidentally forgot to set my alarm clock. Is there any possible way for me to be interviewed by you tomorrow?

Jay: (chuckles) now why in the world would I let a pretty girl like yourself wait a bunch of hours from now til your interview when we can do it now!

Christy: (eyes widen) wait for reals? Seriously!?

Jay: (motions his hand) I'll lead the way

(Jay christy and shadow continue walking back towards the building)

Rev: (waving his arms frantically) Shadow! Shadow! Hold up

Shadow: (turning around) huh?

Rev: (scratches the back of his head) you know what bro? I was just thinking and you were right. We should definitely go back to our normal positions

Shadow: (grins) wow rev you know what? I would have taken you up on that except, I think I really need to work on my cashier skills, and plus jay was right. I need to be like an older brother

Rev: (holds up both hands) now-now shadow we can talk about this

Shadow: (shrugs his shoulders) sorry bro, looks like I get the last laugh

(Shadow evil laughs as he races inside the station leaving rev stomping the ground in anger)

To be continued.....