So this is probably where I'm going to copy and paste all my 'different signatures' (siggies actually just being random character intros/bits) from now on assuming I remember. I have a note/word doc but if I put them on here, then I can still access them anywhere. But Kiyri, the cloud exists. IK How to use the cloud! ...q-q I just used most of that space already and it might be quicker/easier to use my journal to access the gaia fonts.

( Click here to read my brief journal of a monologue from her, if you want. ~And 3 cute picture refs + a tiny paragraph of misc information about her claws.)
Server message: Cat's eyes ability active.
" I can still seeee youuu!"
(Currently Yumiko Reptile, SAO RP character)

Yumikos color=#7AA9DD]