I've tried killing myself. Hundreds of times. By swallowing bottles of pills, mostly. And I cut myself. My tormented black heart already suffers enough from being misunderstood by the majority.

It's easy all I have to do is put a knife to my throat

Swallowing pills won't work because they can pump my stomach,just get a gun and shoot myself in the head.

Can't get my hands on a gun, they're for conformists anyway.
Worthless life is all life
You'll will never understand how I feel,
So I will plot my revenge on those who are stupid enough to act and think just like everyone else

But all I have to do is get the biggest knife, as big as the pain I feel inside, I can find and slice my throat even if it hurts.

The biggest knife in my kitchen is also the dullest,
So it'll slowly lull me to sweet death.