Here is what I have managed to collect so far. If you have any trash you no longer wish to hold on to, I'll gladly take it. If there is any trash that you need and I already have 10,000 of, I might have some extras I can give you. Just ask!
Thanks to all who visit and donate!


User Image10,000 /10,000 Crumpled Zerox Papers Blue
User Image10,000 /10,000 Crumpled Zerox Papers White
User Image5,542 /10,000 Crumpled Zerox Papers Goldenrod

User Image10,000 /10,000 Crumpled Blue Construction Papers
User Image10,000 /10,000 Crumpled Green Construction Papers
User Image4,281 /10,000 Crumpled Red Construction Papers

User Image10,000 /10,000 Crumpled Newspapers
User Image10,000 /10,000 Dirty Crumpled Newspapers
User Image10,000 /10,000 Old Crumpled Newspapers

User Image8,446 /10,000 Crumpled Newsprint
User Image1,662 /10,000 Crumpled Paper Bag


User Image6,652 /10,000 Pink Daffodils
User Image9,512 /10,000 Yellow Daffodils
User Image5,115 /10,000 Blue Daffodils

User Image10,000 /10,000 White Daisies
User Image10,000 /10,000 Blue Daisies
User Image5,417 /10,000 Purple Daisies

User Image5,428 /10,000 White Carnations
User Image3,036 /10,000 Blue Carnations
User Image4,047 /10,000 Pink Carnations

User Image6,915 / 10,000 Sunflowers


User Image852 /10,000 Old Boots
User Image326 /10,000 Big Old Tires
User Image2,213 /10,000 Old Cans
User Image343 /10,000 Driftwood