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<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Valtz/d00d-wtf1.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
My Bleach OC
Name: Seth Sagiri

Gender: Male

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hight: Around 5"11

First off seth is a bount, as the bount souls were created his was quickly captured and locked away by a scientist who wished to study the soul in secret. Though the scientist died shortly after locking him away with no one knowing about the hidden soul. After a few hundred years the seals that bound him grew weak with age and he was able to be free and be born in the human world.

The way he dresses is often the same though necessary for helping him hide in the darkness. He usually wears a ninja like outfit. (Can be seen in reference picture) With pouches for holding his sunglasses and knives to use should his powers ever fail him. His casual clothes are almost always thin cloth pants, some random T-shirt, and a black silk winter jacket he wears out of habit.

Seth is usually happy and always the child when not in combat and just goofing around. He doesn't like to be serious as it tends to depress him and he tries to forget about bad events in his life rather quickly. His views on justice are often a little too black and white.When in battle or seeing some injustice done he usually acts on his emotions which can tend for him to take the fight too far. Though he rarely regrets it, saying that if there truly unjust they should die and suffer for all they put him and others through. He also tends to be fiercely loyal to anyone who has earned his trust and always tends to share his feelings and be as open as possible with these people, never really keeping things to himself or bottling things up.
Due in part to his powers of manipulating darkness and being around it for so long seth has developed a fear of light to a certain degree. Which is why he always wears specially made sunglasses whenever the sun is out or he goes into an area that’s well lit. Should they break or removed he’ll go into a panic attack.


Name: Danee

Danee is very protective of her master. She has always knows she's been a source of safety to him and loves being treated like a big sister, sometimes even going so far as to try to be a motherly figure to him. She tends to stick close to Seth and never really trusts anyone but him and is often reluctant to help others unless it will make Seth happy.

Her powers allow her to become the shadows around Seth. She lives within them and can make them solid, twisting there shapes to many things. Though she prefers spikes and claws. She can also make a solid body if there's enough darkness around. Taking the form of a almost demonic Black Panther.

When Seth is in danger and is to weak to go on she'll seal him within herself. Shifting her form to a more armored one, keeping seth inside of her and slowly healing him. In this form she changes her fighting style drastically because she has no command from seth. She rarely uses the shadows around her to attack, and doesn't try to sneak attack and hide the way seth prefers. She instead uses her body and raw power to stay on the offensive.

The seal she keeps herself in is a bracelet on seths left arm with a cats bell on it that is hidden within seths glove.


The only reference I have currently is a picture my friend hotarla had drawn for me.

If someone does draw this and adds Colors to it try to make the overshirt (what's on the chest) and pants a dark blue like the top in reference 4. And try to make the undershirt (what's on the arms and neck) black if this is possible. As far as the shoes and gloves go a nice brown should do. Just remember mostly that his main thing is stealth so try to keep from using to many bright colors
Reference 1

Here's a reference to the costume that I wanted to wear (Though I would like it in diffrent colors because I don't think white would work)
Reference 2

yeah that's andy... anyhoo here's another angle
Reference 3

Finally here's an alternate outfit i'd like to wear. I'm thinking the colors for my original outfit that i'm wearing in the first reference should be colored like this
Reference 4

I've moved
Doubt anyone really reads this but just in case your a new valtz lover i've moved my journal a while ago ^^;;

Here it is!!!

Incase you can't tell you need to click on the middle sentance to go to my new journal sweatdrop

I don't like to say it but it needs to be said

Ladies and Gentilemen... IT'S TIME TO DACE!!!
Well today I went to the mall with my mom (she had to buy some stuff) and I had a bit of fun. I went to the small arcade they just put in (it only has like 3 games and no one works there) and they had the simpsons arcade game so I had some fun. I haven't played that game in ages...

Anyhoo I also went to this pretzel place they had... nice soft fresh baked pretzels... sadly they didn't have any of there lemonade T^T I was looking foward to some strawberry lemonade too...

And finally I went to Gamestop and got .hack part 2 and I also got.... DDR Extreme 2!!! With the dance pad of course ^^ Though so far i've found the games had a lack of Jpop... tis sad... hey I know there are some DDR players out there. Do any of you guys know any DDR games that have lots of Jpop??? I think DDR Extreme had some but that was the arcade verson at the mall and i'm pretty sure it was japenese to begin with (Mainly sence the warnings and such were all IN japenese sweatdrop )

I went to the mall ^^..... THEN SAKURA TRYED TO KILL ME!!!
Well I went to my most favroatest mall today with my friend amanda because it was her birthday!!! ^^ It was pretty fun. First we looked around some manga and stuffs though she was draging her butt a bit to much stare anyhoo we played some Soul Calabar 2 and I beat her as Maxi so many times. Oh and I saw FRICKIN HUGE POCKY!!!! I mean the box with like a foot tall O.O!!!

Later Amanda and me played DDR. I did very well on the first song. Got a 68ish max combo and I gots a C ^^ the second was ok but the thrid one was insane!!! I decided to pick sakura because I kinda liked the song ^^..... Huge mistake... keep in mind this was on easy mode and the arrows were flying everywere o.0 It was so fast that when I saw this up arrow on the middle of the screen I bliked and it went away... I BLINKED AND IT WENT AWAY!!!! Also at one point it got to were the arrows would take 10 munites to cross the screen... sadly that didn't last long at all....

Also I was getting christmas gifts =3 I was able to get something for logan and icey-chan but sadly no one else... The closing time kinda sunk up on me and I had 5 munites to buy stuff sweatdrop I wanted to get something for my ravy but nothing in there seemed good enough... well I did get her this small thing but I was going to get something with it ^^

Edit: I almost forgot that in the same day I went to a hamlet play at my school ^^ It was cool and all but I could hardly understand what they were saying sweatdrop But I could fallow the plot for the most part and at least it's not as bad as when i'm watching anime without subtitles sweatdrop

I miss my friends...
Well lately i've been missing my friends a lot. There so busy with stuffs.... Well logan I call often so he's always close to me. Amanda has been really busy with work so I haven't seen or talked to her for a while... but hopefuly we'll be going to the mall together soon which makes me really happy ^^. Then there's Icey (Fates Toy) whom I spoke to today but it was only for a few munites... there's my sister kilala who I did just get some PMs from so that's nice ^^ But now i've learned the poor thing has gotten her hand shut in a car door... I hope you recover soon!!!

And finally there's of course my sweet sweet ravy.... how i've missed her... but it can't be helped I suppose. She's really busy with work and school so of course I wouln't be seeing her... but it doesn't make me feel better... oh well i'll see or sooner or later and that hope alone gives me the drive to go on ^^ Every time I see her my love for her is set aflame and my heart bursts with exictement!!!

Anyhoo on to my normal everyday life... well today I didn't have to go to school today which was pretty nice ^^ Also i've learned that or car will be taken away soon and after it does I don't know what will happen...... Something good I hope ^^ Because without it we have no way of getting anywere. Well with some good news i'm going to a heroclix tournament tomarrow and i'll see Logan and Jole there so that will be pretty nice ^^

Bunny sister ^^
Hello all. I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving last week. And to thoes who don't celebrate it I hope you had a good day anyway ^^. For my thanksgiving we went to my grandma's for the first time (usally we'd just go over there) and it was nice ^^. Though...... while I was there I accendently spiled appel cider all over my pants sweatdrop Anyhoo I had turky, shrimp, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, pie, and candy ^^ so YAY!!!

also i've made a new friend recently. Her gaia name is Kilala46892742. She is sooooooooooo cute and sweet!!! ^.^ She says i'm like a kind older brother to her and that just made me melt ^^ I like to think of her as the sweet and kind little sister that i've always wanted ^^

Call me a white mage ^^
You know I feel like i've been given a very good life... Good famaly, Friends, people who love me. Sence i've meet this one person online with some problems in there life i've found that i've been very blessed. And i've found that there are a lot of people with problems. And ever sence i've helped this one person though some troubled times i've wanted to do it with more.

Well anyhoo if you ever find a person who seems to have problems see if you can help them... though don't try too hard. Just help when the down troted need help and they could take your hand at any moment ^^

And so ended one heck of a bad day...
Well tuesday wasn't a very good day at all. First off when my mom woke up her legs wern't working properly and she layed on the ground for a half an hour. Then she called the hospital and they said she should go there.

Then she called Dad to pick her up and take her but he got into a car crash.... Luckly dad wasn't hurt but the cars lower right area got completly smashed. And I had to comfurt my mom while she cryed over the car.... stare

Well thankfuly dad didn't get arrested but the car might get scraped if the cost of repair is more than the car is worth... and so far my mom is thinking that it will be... so we might be out of a car if that happens and then I can't go anywere. And trust me I mean anywere.

And then ended my bad bad day

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