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My life and my wandering soul
I'm lost in life now, the world has change, my body is too weak to move towards my dreams, the hatred in me is grow each and more powerful, millions of lives are dying of senseless wars and problems, and children are losing their lives because of bullying.
Our lives are senseless, if this what we do to the planet and lives of animals.
Even I, myself is weakening to the hatred in my soul that thrist for blood of others and myself. I'm scared, sad and lonely in the world like an life with no happiness.
I have weaknesses that are common, like seasick. And unusual weaknesses, like barf blood when I see too much blood and even fake ones even trigger it.
I hate to see or stare at body that has no life in it, I even hate to see that when hatred conumse my soul it will kill everyone in my way, I fear that more than death.
If someone wants to kill me, I gladly agree, I will face death alone in life. I will hope peace will lay on the world though.
I wish for one thing, when I die, I wish to live again, a renew life, that what I wish.

This is funny.
A man stood at the gates to heaven and saw St. Jude.He pointed at some clocks behind St. Jude.He asked "What are those?".St Jude said "Those are lie clocks.Everyone on earth has one.The hands move every time the person it belongs to lies.".The man pointed to a clock."Whose clock is that?" "That's Nelson Mandella's clock.The hands have never moved,indicating that he never lied." The man pointed to another clock. "And that one?" St. Jude responded "That's Abraham Lincoln's clock.The hands have moved twice,indicating that's he only lied twice." The man then asked "Where's George W. Bush's clock?' St. Jude replied "It's in Jesus's office.He's using it as a ceiling fan."

Continue it!
I stepped on a dead animal I don't remember it like a weasel, but not sure. Kk no more talks okay. *take deep breathe*

My Life
I used to be the child that fear everything. Now I'm brave and other personsilty I can't desribe. But I when I look back at my memories, they remain me, when I'm little, lots of things happen, like I almost died 5 times. sad crying cry
I'll tell you, but when I'll tell you about it, my heart, soul, and body will feel the pain of 10years through life, I'll cry, or skip things, because they could remain of Death.
Age 3:
I love to play with my brother Charley. He's a baby but almost 1 years old. As I played with him, no one was there and my brother is too young to remember. I went into this room, looked around, it was dark, I can't reach the light switch, I walked, then I stepped on a ... I don't want talk about it. crying cry

It was too scary to think about it. My hand are shaking, I'll continue tomorrow about.
*Gulp* It was dead when I stepped on it.

Japanese words
Oh so d= Sit
sound it out okay
Neko= cat
Konechiwa= Hello
I think that how you spell it.
Domo amigo =Thank you very much
amigo=thank you
very fast okay


To meet nevermore
Tears of sorrow overflow deep within my heart
What good of this potion of life,
Nothing matter.

Same as English


The limitless heat
of my love for you cannot burn this cloth of fur
My rainment sleeve dried of tears
Now on this day I don it


Time has swiftly passed
As I have waited to see this shelll you promised
They say that I wait in vain
Now could this be truly so?

I hoped there would be the glow of the fallen dew-
But nothing I can see
So why did you go yonder to the Mount Ogura

The time is now come behold the robe from heaven
to draped upon me
For you, it is only, this deep sadness that I feel.

Inuyasha Poems of the second movie!
There are two different poems, they are called English and Japanese. They a little different, so that why I made them separated.

To meet nevermore
Tears of sorrow overflow deep within my heart.
What good of this potion of Life, all is but dust and wind.

Oh, arrow of mine
With power pure and immense to slay the dragon.
Do your good deed fast and swift, gasp the crystal in it neck.

I ventured to see,
if what I had heard was true.
But this jeweled spring with leaves so real,
t'was but nothing more than an empty woods.

The white flames
of my love for cannot burn this cloth of fur.
My rainment sleeve dried of tears.
Now on this day I dawn.

Could you have but known
It would burn so swiftly
this rainment of fur.
You would not then have sat with such little show of concern.

Time has passed swiftly
As I have waited to see the shell you promised.
They say I waited in vain.
Could this be so?

I hoped to find the clay with the fallen dew,
But nothing I can see.
Why did you go yonder at Mount Ogura.

The time has now come
Behold the robe from heaven to draped upon my shoulder
And for you, it is only but a deep sadness that I feel.

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