Cloud Strife (UPDATE)


- Lost Mercenary (hands with sword / top / pants)
**this item also had the motorcycle Cloud used***

- Dark Prince Aries (first class pants substitute
and much cheaper)

- Cherry Red Reindeer (can be substitute
for the top if Lost Mercenary is out of stock
or overpriced)

- Dark Bear Batter (another substitute for the top)

- Quick Witted Sidekick (one-side shoulder armor, can't
find any good shoulder armor that will blend well but

- Light Rude Remembrance's Hair (Blonde) + Agape's Cut

- Ground Breaker (Waist Pouch)

-GPD Deputy (belt)

***I didn't put any eyes item because I know you wanted to
capture your own mood, but his eyes are either azure or
light blue***