This is the story about the Half-Elf Danielle, and the Orc Xalo.
Danielle Undoren-Nelbrintinu was born within a loving family. Her father was an Elf and her mother was a Human. Her parent's relationship was unwelcomed by her father’s family, so as a child she was slightly shunned by the people in her village. When Danielle was only 8 years old, her small Elven village was massacred by a small band of Orcs who craved destroying everything in their path. To keep her safe while the Orcs attacked her village, her parents forced her to hide in a hidden escape route under her house while they rushed off to defend their village. To scared to come out, poor little Danielle could only sit and listen to her people’s screams and cries, watching through the covered exit as Orcs savagely slaughtered and ripped apart everyone she knew. When the terrifying screams of the Orcs and her people had died down, Danielle pushed her way through the covered exits, walking through all the destruction that was left behind. After what felt like hours of wandering around the grotesque scene of bodies, Danielle found her parent’s among the destruction. It was that day that she became an orphan, and it was that day that Danielle swore on her parents’ death to slaughter every Orc she came across.
Danielle didn’t trust anyone after her parent’s death, and grew up as a rogue. She had to learn to hunt, steal—anything that she needed to in order to stay alive. When she was 12 years old, she came upon an Orc camp where—while hiding in a bush—she found a young white Orc beaten and tied up at the edge of it. At the time, Danielle didn’t know how to feel and the young boy could see the anger in her eyes. He was an Orc and she swore to kill every single one she came across. She didn’t trust the boy, but something about him stopped her from doing so. Because of her new found curiosity for him, she slowly began to learn Orcish so that she could understand him. She eventually found out his name was Xalo and he was a year older than her. He was beaten often in his village because he was different from the other Orcs. He hated acting like the others; he wasn’t vicious or violent like the others but had to act like them just enough in order to survive. His odd skin color also made him a target of floggings and ridicule from the Orc camp, leaving him scarred with ticks of pink and purple scars.
Xalo was also very kind—so kind that he put up with everything that Danielle threw at him when she was angry. He would let her hit him, cut him, slap him, whatever she wanted, because it made her feel better. That was all he wanted. He even let her shave down his teeth so that he reminded her less of an Orc when she was around him, or he even would put up with her burning him or fighting with him when she was going through rough moments. Even though it took a lot longer for Danielle, after many years of knowing the boy and growing up with him, a bond had finally blossomed between the two. Many would say that the two are just friends, but others say there might be something more there. Xalo’s eyes show how much he cares for Danielle, but as Danielle’s life goes on, only time will tell if she’ll reciprocate the way Xalo behaves towards her, or if she’ll deny his love because of who he is.

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