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Envy's Twisted Shortfics
Just what the title says... My ******** drabblefics.
Of Freedom... (Deidara)
Of Freedom…

A young blonde ninja voiced his dreams to his… less than impressed father… His dream to be free, to fly unchained to anything, uncaring… much like the birds his art favored.

He was promptly hit upside the head and informed, rather coldly, that a ninja could never live in such a way. That he could never be free.

Not but a few days later, that same blonde child used his art… his expression… his freedom to kill off his entire family through means of a massive explosion.

And proceeded to fly away on a clay bird.

The child ran himself to exhaustion and continued to run, until he was taken in with a group of people that appeared to be just like he wanted to be… free, doing whatever they pleased…

The Akatsuki.

Their leader promised him whatever he desired… and all he had to do was work for him.

He agreed.

He was paired off with another member of the group, someone far older than he was, so he figured he had better start listening to him…

So he became his Danna.

But… when he voiced his dreams to his Danna… he was cut down. He was told that, so long as anyone was alive, they could never be truly free…

Because he was his Danna, he must be right… Right?

He just kept living… kept going on and searching for his freedom, all the while staying with the group that had taken him in, by now like a family to him it seemed.

Years passed from when he first joined and the little blonde grew up… but never once gave up on his dream.

Especially when that happened.

It started as a normal mission… And he killed the Shukaku. The leader was sure to be proud of him!! But then THEY had to show up… The Kyuubi brat and his friends…

His Danna stayed behind to fight some of them while he made the mistake of leaving… It would be the last time he would see him alive.

When it was reported to him that his Danna had died in the fight, he had to go back and see… and it was true.

Suddenly what he had said all those many long years came into focus…

As long as one is alive, they’re never truly free.

And nothing mattered after then.

He didn’t last long without his Danna… After all, he WAS the brains of the pair, loathe as the blonde was to admit it.

He was caught… tried… and found guilty.

His sentence?


As long as one is alive, they’re never truly free…

He welcomed the sentence and stared it defiantly in the face, though they forced a blindfold on him.

At his end he was chained… bound… blind… and hopeless.

That all ended with a bang.

A shot to his heart.


And he was finally free of the bindings of life.

Finally knew what his Danna had been talking about.

And he flew, free as a bird.

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