I hope no one is reading this.
This may be personal but, hey, I just want to speak out what's on my mind.

So, people always say that I am a very strange when it comes to socializing.
Yes, I am one strange individual.
I can only relate to people who has like an account here in GaiaOnline.
They come from different diversities but I know I have something common with them.
It is appreciating anime or games or even cosplays.

The reason I became a member here was because of online gaming.
A long, long time ago like 10 years ago, I really like the game called zOMG!

I met a lot of different people from other countries and we used voice chat on zOMG!
This game was the reason why i become addicted to online gaming even tho it's just a 2-D game.
The fun part on having to play zOMG! was partying with people you just met and when you always see each other in games, you would definitely bond with them.

Online gaming is a one-way ticket for me to socialize with other people from other countries.

Sometimes, I think about the people I encounter in person are "normies" and I can't relate with their normal topics because I find it quite boring.
I like people who can talk about the same hobbies as mine.

Normies would think I am a weird person and I take that as a compliment.
I don't really like going out just to drink and...you-know-what-i-mean.

They can have fun on their own, I can have fun on my own.
And...Hey, we're all different people with different personalities/perspectives.

NO JUDGING! sweatdrop