Hello everyone!
I've just returned from a 4 year break from Gaia due to some mishaps with admins and what not. I was banned and now I'm back. Unfortunately, I only started with 12k and have been working hard to get the number up. I started playing zOMG again and after a few VERY long hours I managed to get myself up to 33k. But it's not enough to get me back to where my old account was.

I'm questing:

Nano-C - Any Generation
Anima Adamantea
Spacefleet Tech
Space Wars Tech
Jack's Autohack
Deep Sea Enforcer Suit
Superior Form
Ashen Werewolf
Bad Moon - Any Generation
Wild Things
Astra-10: Rolling Rainstorm

Any help with this list would be very much appreciated, even if it is a small donation!
Thank you~!