Typing to song: "White Rabbit" by Eygpt Central
The moon slowly rose into the sky, flower petals flew into the strong wind. Strains of hair blew forwards, a woman standing on a hillside, staring out at one part of an army that stood, surrounding her in their dark brown armor that held blood red streaks. Their helmets hid their faces from sight, their weapons already drawn and ready to attack her. The young woman watched the ones before her then looked behind her over her shoulder silently, knowing she was greatly out matched. The crowd of the army parted before her, a man riding a large black steed came to stand before her, his armor blood red and black with a menacing helmet. "Will you surrender, witch of the black forest?" the commander of the army asked in a cold warped deep voice.

"I deny you and speak only for myself and do only as I wish and see fit to do." The woman replied firmly to him, her eyes of green narrowed and stubborn upon him. The commander watched her, looking down upon her, scoffing.

"You be the fool. Men! Take her, restrain her and we will take her by force back to the castle for our lord to examine and work on himself." The commander ordered in a loud frightening voice. The men nodded in unison, saluting to their commander who moved back to watch it all unfold, the men closing behind him to block her path. The young woman bit her lower lip, knowing there wasn't anywhere to run except up or down.

Carefully she began to reach into her shirt to the side, the men taking ready to strike with their stances. Gently pulling out a thin chain, a crystal carved to resemble a key fell and hung from the chain, swaying some. The purple crystal was almost clear, swaying some before it began to glow with her hand that held the chain. "Guess I'll have to use it if I want to survive." The woman muttered softly, closing her eyes slowly. "Open the gate of the portal long forgotten and sealed by the olden blood rivers. Grant me the pride to wield the ancient staff of ages."

As she finished those words the guards in front charged her, yelling as they did, raising their weapons to attack her. The stone glowed slowly brighter before exploding in light, a light circle formed under her, spreading out so was three circles to form one large one, magic markings glowing and flowing around in the middle of the three circles, the center untouched. The guards screamed as a strong wind shot up around her, blowing the dust about her as she stood there, her body still as stone, waiting for the crystal to change.

The ones hit from the summoning moved slowly up from the ground, growling and hissing in pain. The crystal formed, growing longer, the top becoming larger as the chain began to fade from sight. The then took hold of the solid dark staff that had formed, a crystal orb of purple at the top with gold and green vines surrounding it going around the orb to secure it yet also it appeared very delicate. "I open and call upon the power of this crystal, enter my body your power and give me the ability to flee from my foes." She said closing her eyes, raising the staff slowly before more guards charged to attack.

She slammed the bottom of the staff into the ground, a spark showing before a huge circle of light shot on the ground, a powerful wind forming and blew the men backwards. White wings slowly came forth from her back. The men gasped in shock at this, the wind not dying down as her wings spread out, appearing to be those of an angel born from a fallen angel. The woman's eyes opened, her wings batting the air hard at this same moment, taking flight into the air. The men when could tried to slice her missing as she flew swiftly into the sky, aiming for security in the clouds.

"Take aim!" a guard shouted, archers taking aim and fired their arrows, missing except one struck the woman's leg, making her yelp and hiss in pain yet did not stop her from flying. "Dang it!" one shouted annoyed as they watched her vanish from sight.

The woman flew for hours on end in the clouds, hiding from sight. She would land as she came to a grassy cliff side that stretched out to be over the ocean water's tides and sharp rocks below. She landed softly on the grass, kneeling down before reaching behind her, pulling the arrow out of her leg, hissing in pain. "Darn it, I should have been more careful. I was reckless to walk into that trap." she muttered softly to herself.

Carefully she tore off some of her cloak, wrapping it around the wounded part of her leg. When tied she sighed softly, closing her eyes. "I wonder if there's a cave or something here so I may rest up." She muttered under her breath, hoping there was a cave somewhere near by for her to rest in for the rest of the night. She stepped lightly and gently across the grassy land, entering the sense trees of the landscape she landed upon, searching for a cave or place to rest for the night and place to hide from the army who hunted her currently.