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Froggylicker's Journal of Stuff
This is Froggylicker's Journal.
AWP: 5/10/15
AWP is for Anon Writing Pieces

2 short stories and 1 poem <3

"Why can't I keep my mouth shut?"

You mutter to yourself again for at least a dozen times now as you slowly made your way through the forest, heading towards a run-down castle standing at the edge of the other side, abandoned for at least a few centuries ago.

You and your travelling buddies had made a stop in a village for the night to rest up and stock up some supplies. There, one of your buddies picked up an old story about the castle being haunted by the ghost of a dead prince, his name lost in the forgotten history. It is said that in the darkest hour, the ghost can be heard wailing from within the castle walls, his cries can be heard even from the village.

Of course you, being skeptical of all things supernatural, called the story a bogus and on impulse, accepted one of your buddies' challenge to spend the night at the place.

Standing at the front of the castle, you finally pick up your courage to cross a stone bridge that leads into the interior of the structure...only for the bridge to crumble at the middle, dropping you into the moat full of freezing cold water.

You struggled, failing to swim to the surface as the cold waters already sapped away your strength. As your vision started to blur, you thought you saw a figure swimming effortlessly towards you before you blacked out.

You suddenly wake up with a jolt and found yourself seated on a chair facing a long table. A quick look around in the darkness partially lit by the moon outside the arch windows, you guessed you must be in the castle's dining hall.

"You are awake..." A cold and monotonous voice that came from the other end of the dining table, sent chills down your spine as you make out a figure sitting on the other end of the table. White glowing eyes stared intensely at you as you flinched, before realizing you are garbed in medieval clothes.

Noticing your confused look, the figure stood up and floated towards you, unhindered by the table that 'split' him in half, the moonlight revealing a white haired man wearing an elegant tunic, his skin the color of a dead corpse.

"I was the one who pulled you out of the water and changed your wet clothes, peasant..." He explained, smiling eeriely as he noticed your rising panic. "I admit that I am a little...excited. It has been a long, long time since a brave living soul dared to come here..."

Without waiting for you to answer, he started to tell his tale as he moves away from you.

"My kingdom was once a thriving place where everyone prospered under my rule..." He whispered, but somehow you can hear his voice clearly in your mind as he hovered near an arch window, looking outside. "But of course, where there is light, there are shadows that hide out of sight, waiting for a chance to take everything...My subjects had warned me many times that my uncle, the Archduke, planned to overthrow me, but I dismissed the rumors as he did numerous services to my father, and then to me. Little did I know, he bribed the castle guards to look the other way as his troops stormed the castle on that one fateful night..."

Suddenly, the door behind you bust open with a loud bang and armored knights, partially transparent, rush in and take the prince by his arms before dragging him out of the dining hall.

You check your watch which is still strapped to your wrist only to find that it is a few minutes to 3 AM, the so called 'Witching hour'. You decided to chase after the knights to a now untamed garden where they tied the prince to a pole, while a balding old man with a huge frame, also partially transparent, laughed at him.

"My traitorous uncle wanted me to hand over my power to him but I refused, knowing that my people will starve under his rule." The voice in your head muttered in distaste as the prince spit at the Archduke in the face. Enraged, the old man slapped him, his rings lightly scratching the young prince's face in the process before he issued orders to kill him slowly.

You watched in horror as the knights' spears stabbed through the prince's torso, one by one as he coughed blood the color of the night.

"An undescribable pain shot through my body every time a spear embedded itself into my flesh. With it, my hatred for my uncle grow...I swore to him that I will come back and haunt him to his death bed."

With that, the prince wailed loudly in an inhuman screech and you are forced to cover your ears to dull the deafening scream as the knights, along with the Archduke, involuntarily took a few steps back.

The watch hit 3 AM and instantly the ghosts of the past disappeared along with the pole. The prince's scream creased as he dropped to the floor, a growing puddle of murky-black liquid forming from numerous stab wounds on his chest.

You rush over to help the prince only to be stopped by his white eyes as he slowly picks himself up, his spilled blood flowing back to his wounds as they closed before his tunic fix itself leaving him whole again, his pale face unmarked from scratches caused by the Archduke.

"Since my death, he blotted out my history of reign, my name included, trapping me in the realm of the living." The prince muttered. You back away as he made his way towards you but too late, he have you trapped against a wall. Leaning forward, the prince let his words echo softly through you.

"Let the whole world know about the tragedy, peasant...So that I can end my own torment...My name is..." He whispered his name to you before an urge to sleep overtook you.

"...ke...wake...wake up...WAKE UP, YOU SLEEPY HEAD!"

Your buddies found you laying on the front of the castle in the morning, strangely enough, in your normal clothes. You thought it was all a dream until you notice the crumbled stone bridge and a familiar shadowed figure with white eyes at the other side of the bridge before it faded away.

"What's wrong?" One of your buddies asks you as he picked up your bag. You shake your head.

"Nothing...Let's go, guys."

- Princely Anon

Could this be a sign?
A sign for a never ending love?
It cannot be.
I am much too shy to show you all my feelings.
However, I still leave you with this.
This is my love...
My love for you.

#8 ) April Showers Bring May Shadows

It is official - Spring, has sprung! Gaia-wide the populace fills the streets in celebration of the blue skies and sunshine. All around people reflect on just how much the community has been through in recent years. In commemoration some dance in the roads, some sing on a stage...yourself? Well you thought it would be fun to do a little bit of everything. Sample the food, entertainment, and when things get to be a little too much maybe head inside for shade and refreshments. You navigate the bustling streets, lightly pushing past shoulders and greeting familiar faces as you slowly make your way to an ice cream booth on the sidewalk corner. From the stage set up in front of the shops you can hear the Barton anthem sung proudly by tipsy and enthusiastic neighbors. Shadows pass over your face from the flags strung from rooftop to rooftop in the town's colors.

The line moves quickly and you peruse the menu to place your order, when suddenly the temperature drops. You hug your arms and turn around, watching as a massive shadow moves to engulf the town. A shudder runs through you, not from the breeze, but from an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. In a brisk whoosh it passes over you and covers the streets in darkness, The once festive voices turn quiet and murmuring. Pebbles begin to rattle across the pavement, window shudders flap wildly on their own. You curse yourself for having not seen it coming...something unspeakable always happens during special occasions!

You like many others start to trace an exit strategy with your eyes, but it's already too late. A large black mass whips through the road parting the crowd, its long muscular tail toppling people in its wake. You dive behind the small booth and watch as a giant horned creature crawls up the side of a building. Its skin is rough, its shade practically indistinguishable from the shadows it trailed behind it. When it moves its head, you can see the faint glimmer of not two, but four slitted eyes... The lull in time you seemed to experience while watching it suddenly catches up with itself and the next thing you hear is the terrified screams of the public racing to get indoors as fast as they can. Seeing all the feet rushing past you there is no way you can jump into the fray without getting trampled...

"Don't worry Barton, I've got this!" a voice suddenly echoes from the skies. You lift your chin to see beacon shining through the dark. A...girl...standing poised on a roof on the opposite side of the road. It is difficult to see across the distance, but she came armed with what seems to be a long, glowing wand. Giving it a twirl she throws it over the string of flags and uses it like a zip line over to the shadow demon. She lands somewhat clumsily and is quickly dispatched by an effortless swipe of the creature's barbed tail. You can't help but wince as she's thrown, landing several feet away with a harsh thud. The music of the restaurant nearby suddenly changes to a special announcement through its outdoor speakers...

"Breaking news Gaians! This is your esteemed reporter, Cindy Donovinh, speaking. It seems the mysterious creature of the night has made its way from Aekea, to Durem, all the way to the Barton region with the unknown heroine in hot pursuit. We urge you to stay inside with the doors and windows shut for your own protection. We will keep you updated as more information comes in."

You frown instinctively and look back up toward the rooftops for signs of movement where the poor girl lied. The thing came all the way from two towns over? You silently cheer her on, hoping she can bring this odd encounter to a close... In time, you see a stir. She wobbles to her feet, holding her head dizzily. The creature snaps its jaws at her but she leaps, taking hold of one of its horns. Enraged it bellows a deep, thundering cry and starts running amuck, trying to buck her off. When finally she's thrown she lands in the now empty streets just ahead of you.

"Oh man that gets old..." she hisses, sitting up as best she can. You can barely hear her when she looks up at the sky with a halfhearted sigh. "This isn't right... I wish I could put this thing back in its place..." Then, miraculously, against all reason or logic...something sparkles in the sky. It starts a faint glimmer but quickly grows in size. Then, after a full minute you realize it's...a falling star? You brace yourself for a new impact to rattle the ground, but it slows on its descent, a sparkling orb landing in the girl's open hands. Her eyes are just as confused as yours must look when the bubble pops and drops something into her grasp. "Orion's belt?" she murmurs quietly. "No... Orion's...utility belt! Sick!" She stands up in a hurry and clicks it around her waist. "Aw yeah. Time to demon-strate what this baby can do!" When the demon closes in to finish the job she takes what appears to be a bright metal claw on a long cord and manages to hook it by the ankle. Running around the other end of the booth she uses the corner for leverage so its thrashing wouldn't send her airborne. Then it was just a matter of letting the thing tie itself up. When its loudest bellow let her know it was effectively subdued, she reemerges with her wand, lifts it delicately in the air and proclaims, "Light relocation!" A circle of light opens up beneath the creature and it falls through...pulling the tethers along with it. Eyes wide she quickly realizes her error - that she too would meet the same fate once the length of the cord ran out. Jumping up you run over and detach it from the belt, watching it sputter through the portal like water down a drainpipe. With a final, muffled cry the hole starts to seal up, leaving the beast safely back where it belongs.

The girl breaths a sigh of relief and turns to you. "I didn't see you there, but boy am I glad you were. Thanks, I owe you big time." You smile and wave it off humbly. Though, curious, you ask what it was you saw coming down from the clouds. "Oh, this," she says, taking the belt off. "I guess...someone's just looking out for me. Or, make that two." She stares at it reflectively a moment, then smiles up at you. While you have her attention, you ask how she knew that little trick would work, but she just laughs. "Luckily these things always have a grappling hook." she replies with a wink. Suddenly, the belt starts to wobble in her hands. Alerted, she flinches slightly, watching it with as much awe and speculation as yourself. Then, as if by magic, the whole thing poofs away in a cloud of sparkling energy. "Well, easy come easy go." Suddenly she takes off down the street, turning slightly as she goes so she can face you a little and wave. "Arigato! Enjoy the weather!"

Then, just as quickly as it came, the shadow lifts from the town, and all again, is light.

<3 ,
Radiant Anon Solsi

Community Member
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