I remember when I was the overlord of Gaia. Everyone knew me, followed me......everyone feared me and the wrath I could unleash upon them if they dared to disobey me. Then I had to go away. But I kept my reign on Gaia. I was backed by the Phantoms, a fearless group of warriors who mastered the skills of advanced combat. But then they fell off the pedestal we so painstakingly built from the ground up. Without the phantom clan, my empire would cease to Lord Vladamir. Now I am forced to live and struggle in the Shadows. The Shadows is a land long forgotten by time, light, and all Gaians. It is home to the darkness......once a leader in my forever growing clan. But one day....one day, I will gather up the Phantoms and we shall climb that pedestal again and restore the dark powers that once were under my reign again. Gaians will once again fear the wrath I can unleash on this Land. Long live the darkness, long live Lord Vladamir.
Darkest sincerity,
His Lordship