A burst, a flare, your luminescence awakes me each night
And I watch you sink away, devoured and held tight
By the earth, O the selfish lover that it is
To proclaim that you are his
I refuse to blink nor will I look away
As I eagerly await your eternal stay
When you finally seat yourself beside me
And sail together upon this black and starry sea
I will never give up, and I'll never forget
That moment when we first met
An eclipse, I heard the men and gods call it
To me, it is fate, when my heart was alit
With love, with passion, with delight
I will always remember the brilliant sight
I felt your warmth and kissed your head
Before you left me, before you fled
I love you, I will chase you forever
We're meant to be, our bond will never sever
If you would only wait, for only a spell
I could show you and then you'd hear the bell
The chimes of weddings, of unions and love
If you would only wait a moment, my golden dove
But you never stop, you never stayed
So I'll keep up the chase until your heart is swayed