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Message in a bottle. If you see it floating in the water, please open it and hear me out.

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Summer Event: "What the Fluff" pets. :)
Here's a little place where I would keep the memories slash names of the fluffs I've had taken care of during this summer's "What the Fluff" event. Of course, after all those times, patience and efforts of running around towns and spending time with them, I'll definitely miss these little fluffy things now that the event is over. &33.

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Radioctive fluff : Gemini (x2).

I got her name after one of the Zodiac Signs. There is no significant relevance but, I don't know, her color made me thought of Gemini (and nope, my zodiac is not Gemini. I'm a Capricorn). xD.

She is the first ever fluff that Blaze handed me. We explored Towns 2 together. We also played tic-tac-toe, dance game and race for the first time together. Almost every firsts was with her so, my heart crashed when I found out that I have to return her to Blaze after achieving a full loyalty meter.
I almost hated the event for that fact. xD.

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Citrus Fluff : Citrine (x2).

Citrine was her name because, she's an orange fluff. Her name just came in for the most obvious reason. haha. She's my second fluff, by the way.

When I saw her, I was just excited as how I was the first time (but a little different). When we walk and when I look at her, I could almost taste how sour it is. I mean, look at her.. don't you feel the same way? Haha. xD. That's why, I wash her once or twice.. even thrice. o.o" I wash her all the time during spare / waiting time. xD. I still love her dearly, though. &3.

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Cupcake Fluff : Sparkles (x2).

Ta-da! My third fluff~ I've thought of naming her "sprinkles" because, she's a cupcake and it would also suit well (I guess); but, I've figured that naming her Sparkles would be better. *^-^*

She is the fluff I've been waiting for because, I really find her cute and dainty.. and she's just so pretty. &3. We hang out a lot in Barton town - picking flowers and catching bugs; and that's when I found out that walking your fluff could really increase their loyalty and happiness meter too. (:

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Wyvern Fluff : Garnet (x3).

My first male fluff, in my own perspective. I named him "Garnet" because, his color reminds me so much of my birth stone (January-baby, here). It's dark and reddish; and I also like his feisty slash really brave look. :3

He's the fluff I perceived as someone who is not really into games and such. Hahaha. Oh, boy. xD. By just looking at it, it makes me feel like: if he could talk, he would be ranting me with things like, "OH? Really? Play tic-tac-toe again?! Fine! But, c'mon! There has got to be a better activity than this! " everytime we play TTT. Every. Time. xDDD.

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Pegacorn Fluff : Starlight.

Behold my most favorite fluff! &3. I named her Staright because, she had always seemed so lovely and a fluff that came down from heaven.. and I just couldn't think of any other perfect name than that.

I decided to finally get her as my fifth fluff. I regret nothing. Her timing was just perfect. I got her during the time when glitches and lags were at its worst. But she just made it felt like it's alright. She seems so light and heavenly.. and it just made me feel happy, thinking that maybe it's just okay if I push a little more through the event to get the achievements.

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Honey Fluff : Buzzie.

I thought I wouldn't get this very unique fluff here. *^-^* And no, I wasn't the one who gave him his name. My little brother did. :3 He found this fluff the cutest so, I asked him to name it for me instead. (:

This was my fluff that I almost went nuts on because, we always get stuck in Race 2. I always tell myself that we're no longer going back there again but, I end up playing it again for it (because, I wanna know how the game would end).. but still, glitched. xD. It was also the fluff who received most of its time sleeping because, racing always suck of its energy out of him. xD. haha.

- - - - - - - -

If I remember other stories and details to share with, I'll just edit this section. For the meantime, these were all my fluffs.. and I am going to miss them badly~ I love all these little fluffs. &333.

If you would ask me if I only raised six fluffs - No. I raised eleven fluffs, actually. No specific reason why. I just thought of raising another one for a change. And, all my fluffs are arranged from first - sixth fluff. Then, my seventh to eleventh fluff was arranged in the same way as it is.

The number beside my fluff's name is the number of times I got them.. and everytime I get the same old fluff, I name them the way I named them the first time. It's not because I'm too lazy to think of any other names for them; but, it's because I want to make it feel like they just returned and found their way back to me again.. to spend another quality time together for second / third / nth time. Which, on the other hand, also proves that Blaze isn't really taking care of them. Hahaha. Kidding.

My fluffs are all returned to Blaze now.. which is a definite ouch. </3.

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