While I am not new to this world, Gaia, it has been some time since I have had reason to travel to this far-flung world where magic has gone awry. I have sent word to my son, Ryuji, that I have decided to join him here periodically in the hopes that I can expedite his mission to capture or convince Ace into returning to the Kingdom of Desert Star. Given that I have known Ace for many years I thought perhaps that my experience in dealing with his eccentric personality may come in handy.

I cannot remain here on Gaia and must routinely return to the Republic of New Haven. As the Speaker of the Republican Council I have many duties and responsibilities that cannot simply be brushed off on my companion Alekysis.

Today's council meeting was a rough one. A few months ago our nation came into contact with an extra-dimensional existence I will not elaborate on here. This "entity" came seeking our aid in fulfilling a certain goal that could require approximately two-hundred citizens of the Republic to leave our nation for an untold duration. This "entity" is familiar with technology that far exceeds that of the Republic and has willingly shared many details that could change the shape of our industrial infrastructure dramatically over the coming decade, in exchange for our assistance.

Today the Councilman of Industry, Jesse Schmitt, was hellbent on setting our state run industry upon the creation of new and versatile war machines using this new technology. While many of us agree that the new technology would give us a definitive upper hand in any military engagement we might face in the future - even if it were a full out assault by the Coalition States - this is hardly the time.

With the fall of the Kingdom of Tolkeen last year, the construction and development of the City of Bastion for the former citizens of our ally, is sapping a great deal of our public funds, not to mention the military expenditures on expanding and modernizing both our Navy and Air Force, has tapped out both our industrial capabilities as well as our military funding budget.

This led to a brutal argument between Schmitt and the Councilwoman of the Treasury, Lesćundea "Liz" Willowind, with other members of the council interjecting here and there on both sides. After six hours of heated discussion, and the onset of a massive migraine, I asked that both parties organize their case for a civilized debate with hard figures outlining the reasons why we should either abandon our current projects and move on with the development of new and unfamiliar technology or why we should put off the development of the new and versatile war machines we have gained the technical details in how to develop and produce them for active duty. Although we parted on civil terms, agreeing to meet again in one week, I don't think anyone in the council chambers could not feel the burning tension between those two.

After the meeting I opted to take a trip to the Blue Water Mage's Guild outside of Silverstone, where I knew Alekysis was working in the ongoing research of the mystical "mechanism" that creates and maintains the mist barrier that surrounds the Republic.

She, Drantalus Silverleaf and I socialized for a while, enjoyed dinner together and then parted ways. After returning to Nobunaga Palace I decided to leave Alekysis a note, went to the sub-level of the main keep, and calibrated the Dalmirian Wormhole Vortex Generator, a gift from a friend, to return me to this world; Gaia.

I had forgotten that the DWVG model my friend had given me was an emergency escape type that did not transfer non-organic substances though - imagine my surprise when I appeared here in the buff! Thankfully, one of the Gauchepon machines spit out a vial of white ink which sold quickly and allowed me to procure at least one decent set of clothing.

I've dispatched notes to my son, daughter and a long time family friend who commissioned my son's services but have not yet heard back from them. That aside it seems that some things here have changed significantly so I think I will take this opportunity to explore.