Well for those are curious, this page is for four characters in this RP called Royal Highschool. Well my main character is Yunneth. She is accompanied by her brother, Lucius. And soon after, he friends Kiyu and Soren. Yunneth is a ice/flora demon hybrid. And she wields a weapon called Black Moon. For some of you that want to know what Black Moon is and looks like I will tell you. I will start with appearance. As the name implies, it is the color of a very very dark Black. Perhaps the shade of the night time sky. It has a slight decoration of silver. When Yunneth does not use Black Moon, it turns into a emblem. I would like to say that the Emblem is as big as the normal human males palm. You could say that the Emblem resembles the moon compact from the first season of Sailor Moon. Except Black Moon isn't girly looking. It has a onyx like metal center with silver accents around the emblem. But when used, Yunneth can turn Black Moon into any weapon she wants. A spear, sword, axe, and gun. And even more. Of couse she can't turn it into a gundam in case you begin to wonder. I would explain more in a later post but this is about some ideas I wanna share with the public. Now...here are sone good ideas.

*note: Since this rp has others, this idea may not be exactly like this. Keep this in mind

Idea #1
This will be happening later on...that is if the rp keeps going. It is doing fairly well but you never know with life. Am I right? Well the idea I have is something that revolves around Yunneth's and Lucius' bond breaking. After some time, Lucius' jealousy gets the best of him. You see, when Lucius was just a kid and when Yunneth was still in her mother's womb, Lucius had been studying Black Moon. Black Moon was a some what family heirloom since the weapon was given to the family about 400 years prior to the rp(or since my characters arrival...I joined real late in the rp XD). When his father went to the elders who govern this dark arm, they said he was not worthy. This crushed the boy greatly. Four months later, Yunneth is born and is judged by the elders and turns out she was to be the one to carry the cross that was Black Moon. Since then, he had envied his baby sister. Yet he still loved her. This jealousy began to turn into darkness and soon Lucius begins to cream Yunneth. Kiyu and Soren were there but Lucius had bound them. Since Kiyu is part fire demon he can just burn through the ice or wood that entraps him yet Lucius had used a attack to cancel this. So he is sadistically killing his sister in front of her friends. Yunneth keeps trying to block his attacks and trying to persuade him to come back to his senses. But he does not listen and soon precedes to killing her. Here is a bit of a sample of this

"Bro...brother...please...stop. I don't...want to die..."

Lucius looks down at his sister as she begs him to stop. Lucius looks down at his sister with a cold glare. This had disgusted him. A wielder of the powerful Black Moon, begging for mercy. He grins and begins to laugh as if he lost his mind.

"...Ha...hahaha....hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! Heh...begging so soon...b***h? A wielder of Black Moon begging for her life so soon?! It is both pathetic and unheard of! You have...so much potential power in you body. So much that it can kill a army! Yet here you are laying at my feet...begging for your pathetic life! Hahahaha!"

"...I...ah...I don't want...to kill you. I lo...love...you. Please...don't kill me...please..."

"DON'T YOU SAY THAT! b***h!"

Lucius kicks Yunneth across the ground. Yunneth let out a scream of pain and even started to cry from the pain. Lucius was gone now. All that there was left was a monster who allowed his darkness to over come him. Lucius looks at her and readies his katana. He looks at Yunneth with a sadistic smile. He gets on top of her and points his katana towards her chest. Yunneth whimpers and screams for Lucius to let her go.

"Big brother...!! P-please...stop! I don't want to die! Ah...wah!"

Lucius places a hand around her neck as he slowly chokes her and begins to dig the blade into her chest. Lucius chuckles and look at his half way dead sister.

"...Yunneth, you will die by my hand. Whether you like it or not. Your blood will stain this ground and your screams will echo into the sky. As of now...you have Death's noose around that cute neck and soon that noose will suffocate you and snap your neck like a twig. Ha...haha...the feeling is...accelerating!"


Lucius stabs Yunneth four times in the chest. Yunneths screams loudly as he brother begins to murder her. Soren and Kiyu what in pure terror as their best friend is being slaughtered by her own brother. Soren struggles to get out along with Kiyu. Kiyu growls as he try's to get free and even roars a lions roar in frustration. Lucius chuckles and looks back at the boys with a smile

"Please be patient boys. I will be with you in a moment."

He looks at his blood covered sister as she whimpers in pain. He chuckles and looks at her.

"So Yunneth...did you imagine that this would happen? Did you expect to awaken to the day your own brother would kill you? Did you wake up and think to yourself "I am going to die tonight?"

He chuckles and shakes his head

"No you didn't. I know you well...baby sister."

"...ah...ah...please brother...I don't...want you to do..to do this. What...what ever I did...I am...sorry. I love you. I...love you...big brother...I love you..."

Lucius looks at Yunneth in surprise. After all this...she still loved him. But hearing this fell on daft, violent ears. Lucius growls and stabs her two more times until Yunneth makes no more noise. Lucius gets up and looks at her crimson covered body. Kiyu and Soren were shocked by this. Kiyu roars once more this time with tears in his eyes.


Kiyu claws the tree he was tied to as he continues to allow his beast to take over his human side. Lucius chuckles and looks at Kiyu as he allows his demon to take control.
---------------------------Demo ends here :3

What do you think? I kinda cried a little as I typed this. Sorry but some as awesome as this needs a cliff hanger. When this happens, the real version will be there and I will mark and link the pages for any who want to see if Yunneth survives the ordeal. Well I might update this a little more at some point. Anyway...BYE!!!