Confession: Despite being a city girl born and bred, I love small-to-medium sized towns. My mother's home town, the town I had the pleasure of working near for a summer, I love them. I really do. I like being within striking distance of a decent sized city, for shopping reasons if nothing else, but I'm not a city person. My idea of a wonderful summer evening is having dinner at a local diner, maybe grabbing an ice cream at the little gelato shop off main street, then playing one of those location based games like Ingress or else just going for a walk or something. If there's blue grass music, so much the better. Street dancing? If I had a partner, I'd be all over that.

Which... kind of brings me to the county fair.

When I was little, I loved books on tape. I still do, for that matter, although now I guess they're just "audiobooks" (tapes having been removed from the picture). My favourite of these, mostly for its length, was a number called "Understood Betsy". One of the most memorable vignettes in the book was when Betsy and her not-quite-sister Molly go to the county fair for Betsy's birthday. The descriptions were incredibly vivid and, as a city girl, I never quite had anything to tie them to.

Until I went to the fair last year, that is. Amusingly, fairs haven't changed much in a century. (I looked it up -- I went to the fair almost one hundred years to the day after Betsy. It says a lot about me that I find this wonderful.)

I had such a nice time. I'll be going again this year, and this year I'm getting a damn funnel cake. I still don't know if I'll ride the rides -- seemed a bit overpriced, tbh -- but fair food? hit me up. (NOT the lemonade! I decided the book probably exaggerated for comedic effect and NO. Do NOT drink the lemonade!)

Thing is...

I'm a damn romantic sometimes. It's silly, since I'm asexual and freaked out about Steven Universe because I've got about as much gender as a Gem: I'm only nominally female. There you go, though. It seems to me that a fair would be a good place for a date. I didn't have one last year. The girl I did (very) briefly date graduated and headed north.

I probably won't have a date to the fair this year either, then. Still. I can dream, right? redface