Why do I write about dolls so often? Because here, I can be reasonably assured that I'm not pestering anyone.

Today I took my ball jointed dolls to a doll show. I did this last year, when it was just Hyacinth and Saskia. Hopefully next year, Diana can come. (Diana being the sculpt name; I would like to model her after Samantha, the childhood doll, but it's just weird to call her that now. Sam is equally weird, since that name also belongs to the childhood doll. Maybe "Miss Edwards" would be best.)

It's f'ing hilarious to bring my resin dolls to the local doll show. There are dolls with ball joints at the show, but they're the creepy porcelain ones. Like. The ones whose expressions are somewhere between "hideous rictus" and "horror movie fuel". The ones with oddly yellowed limbs. The ones whose eyes are both too large and unfocused for maximum horror. Those dolls. I brought Saskia.

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Dressed more or less like that.

Now, Saskia is... well, she's kind of a b***h. She has a Personality. I don't mean "I imagine her to have a personality", no, her joints have just the right tension to allow her to actively fight with me. I've tried to fix it. I've failed. She has defined likes/dislikes: I know she likes Dune, because she quietly and calmly sat through the whole audiobook. I know she dislikes certain outfits because she refuses to wear them without a fight. She dislikes that dress, by the way. She likes this one:

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I know that because she allowed me to take that photo. She also likes screwing with people. Her eyes are exactly the right size to Really Look At You if you hold her a comfortable distance away from your face -- say, in your lap. She got to make an old lady actively recoil by staring her down.

PLEASE nobody tell Saskia, but it was kind of hilarious.

Hey, I bring her to these things because even though Saskia's kind of a b***h, we get along. She likes to show off, although I don't think she'd ever admit it, and she doesn't seem to mind being an example of my best work. Hyacinth wears handmade clothes, Sam and Jesse both have repainted faces, Essie has a few handmade pieces, but Saskia will only tolerate styling straight from me. I'm the putz who painted her face, made her wig, stitched her clothes, and concluded that she really has to wear 10mm eyes to keep from looking like a dead-eyed menace.

I mean... she is a menace. But as previously stated, we have an understanding.

As a direct consequence of Saskia's orneriness, whenever I need to Impress, I get to pull out Soz. It helps that her style and personality make her stick out like a sore thumb. Hyacinth is too sweet -- she blends in. Essie is too small -- she gets overlooked. Saskia is so obviously Not Your Grandmother's Porcelain Doll that she gets the stares and the curious looks and the "May I hold her?" followed by the "Gah! She's looking at me!"

Again, kind of hilarious. Terribly annoying -- I personally think Hyacinth's prettier and Essie's cuter and they're both generally more pleasant to hang out with. Hyacinth is an avatar of Nice Things In The World and Essie is a puppy in doll form. Even when Saskia's in a nice mood, the best she can manage is "Don't Mess With The Lady". She's fairly rarely in a nice mood, although she did pose for some photos today once I took off the lace tea dress.

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I can only conclude that she likes this look, as evidenced by the fact that she's holding that pose of her own volition. She's literally standing on one leg and holding on by that arm. I don't know how she's doing it, because it defies what I know about how she's strung: she shouldn't be strong enough. Her boots have no grip. For god's sake, I'm not sure her hip even locked into its socket and her other leg should be kicking her away from the fence.

I'm not saying it's an impossible pose, but one that I know she decided she wanted to hold.