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The Midnight Gentleman's Diary... All the records, sketches, doodles, notes, written articles, self-access.... all of this was my pen and paper articles... Enjoy reading it.

Community Member
MidnightLeDevarch Wrote:
JoyGasmic TACOS Wrote:
Congrats, you leave before I was going to rant at you.

Your a fat,ugly,27 year old c***k with no life. Probley no job, that comes online most likely to be a pervert.

At least my pictures look good. Noob

uh.. youre seems taking quite a beating eh?.. ah ha ha

and its "Probably". remember that.

Ah well, say what you want, I dont mind at all. youre the same as a Gaian named PRESET IV whom i already reported and banned...

dont make me do the same to you... remember that.
(possible answers would be.. "oh i am scared.. do it.. noob... oo.." wink

heh... and you know what, girl.. youre the same as any proudnosed Gaians...

Lmfao, and your a 27 year old man who still comes on Gaia and why?
And don't correct simple spelling mistakes, it makes you look despirate for something to nickpick on.

And also when you report, you have to be reported more than 8 times by different people for the same thing to be able to get a "warning" I myself have been reported more times than you could ever imagine, so I will humour you by saying "oooo I am soooooooooo scared, do it noobie"

And also, it's no me that is getting butt hurt. Remember, I am not the 27 year old who dresses himself like an avatar. I have an idea, lose some weight, find a girl (or man, I am pretty sure you would have to pay for your sex) and get the ******** off the internet.

You are what I like to call a "failure to launch" meaning, you never really grew up. You never really made it anywhere in life. And looking at the pictures you have and the room around it, well that just proves my point doesn't it now?

Also if you "report" me, I can also do the same to you. Don't get pissy, but photoshop is a great way of making your own evidence.

this PM was rather disturbing me after all... and although i can rather dismissed it, but. she really shot me through the heart.... and i felt like a loser... and why did I join this Gaiaonline at the first place.... i never think of this... until now.....

i am too old... and she is correct, i have to get off from the internet..

and another one came in..

Wow... i am impressed..

You really use all means to downsize me even further, girl...

nice job, but all that downsizing, does not even effecting me.

And Gaia Online is for all ages, am i correct?

and why Gaia Admins put the year limit drop down box at registration, from 1889 to 2009?

ish ish.... youre a self-proud girl.... you just dont realize it.

raid me with all your words, but anything doesnt effect me.

All was useless..

I love how you try and shake of what I said, amuseing really but so very true. Funny how humans react when faced with either danger or a threat, it's called fight or flight. You my good friend used the fight method which is easy to up hold.

Gaia is for any ages, but the point I am trying to prove is that fact that you seem to be on Gaia how much? Yeah, point proven. You have no job, no wife, no kids and how old are you? Oh yeah 27 years of age.

I love how condensending you think you can be by useing the word "girl" I could just simply call you old man, maybe I will. After looking at your pictures, that's what you are. And old man, with no life.

I know I am a "proud girl" you don't have to tell me twice, simply being, I will just say: "welcome to the internet"

Oh and p.s: Blocking me will not work

Even More JoyGasmic TACOS

sighs... she using another account, just to further trolling myself down, so that i became stupid...
and notice that she said that "P.S. blocking me will not work"

well.. i blocked her anyway...

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