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The Mind of Little Red

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Why We're NOT Friends pt3
Alright, quick review.

Jenny is a horrible person. She avoided me for a year and said it was because she didn't have time. A year later she said it was because we argue all the time. That same night she said it was because of a face I made. Her best friend told me a week later it was because of anxiety.

Caught up? Remember her? Okay cool.


Here we are once again, and I am so glad I'm done with this woman. Sorry, b***h.

I decided to make the cookie crumble and see how it would crumble. I post something on her sarahah along the lines of "I'm sorry I give you anxiety." That's it. I didn't even leave my name.

b***h assumed it was either me or some other person. How many people give her anxiety, I don't know. But, I know I'm not one of them.

She responds, "if you're who I think you are, you're right. I cannot change who you are. I just hope you know I don't hate you. Message me. If you're not who I think you are, message me anyway, and we'll sort this out."

I was confused as to exactly how many people gave this b***h anxiety. But I was so ready to be done.


Well, if you guys recall, she's a liar. She truly just doesn't want to say that she doesn't want to be friends anymore to be the bigger person.

"Oh, you can't know that!"

Then why avoid me instead of talking to me? And then when she did talk to me, why did she lie to me? And then in this last conversation, why not just flat out say it?

You are about to read why I call total bullshit on her anxiety thing.

So she messages that whole "message me" thing. And at first, I'm just like "maybe." Because at this point my thinking is, "you should know who causes you ******** anxiety and if it's really this many ******** people you should just say message me, but the first part of your post let us all know you had a good ******** clue."

Again, I'm a very reasonable person.

So I decide to message the b***h. I also decided to give one word answers to get straight to the point.

Me: Hey

thirty minutes later and after the post.

LyingBitch: Hey Monique.

Me: I was wondering if I give you anxiety or not.

LyingBitch: I don't really know to be honest, but I've never said you give me anxiety.

Me(upset and totally done at this point): Okay.

And that was our last conversation. Well, second to last.

BUT! This was the last of conversations I needed for myself with her. I've talked about it with other friends, and they said she played the bullshit card.

A lot of them asked me how she could not know since they're are symptoms and you feel ******** ANXIOUS when you have anxiety. Which I agreed.

Now, our last conversation took place a few days after the Las Vegas shooting. My friend and I were hosting a charity event. He took care of the gaming parts, and I was trying to hold a cosplay part.

I say trying because there were constant messages of "oh I can't go" "oh I can go" which I didn't mind since they didn't need a ticket or anything. I just minded having to repeat information. But I learned sometimes you have to.

Anyway, LyingBitch is a cosplayer and my friend knew this so he asked if she was going. To which I said, "No. Because she doesn't want to be around me. I'm all down for it but since we're not friends, I don't think she'd want to."

Given that the Las Vegas shooting was a few days before, he thought she might have a change of heart. He texted her and she said that she thought I would not want anything to do with her. Which was true before the shooting happened, but I had a change of heart.

I actually wanted to reach out to her to, once and for all, establish this whole friendship thing. However, it occurred all over again when we had this next conversation.

Me: When are you on campus this week?

LyingBitch: I'm normally not on campus. I can try and stop by when I'm not working.

Me (curious and reasonable): Will you be on campus tomorrow?

LyingBitch: I've got work until 530

Me (unsure of what that means): Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (I have that presaved on my phone. Don't judge me.)
...... no?

LyingBitch: ... If you need me to i can come after then... (I saw the lower case I so I figured she wrote something else, deleted it and came back to write that)

Me: ...Do you want to cosplay or not?...

LyingBitch: Dude, I don't even know what you're trying to do.

Me (A little frustrated because I just told her cosplay): I'm gathering cosplayers to act as a cosplay cage but more as a gaming thing. They'll be playing with attendees of * censor thing here* and * censor thing here * (not that they're bad weird. I just don't know if they want to be mentioned in this). The event is Friday 2-8 (please pay the ******** attention to that time because she sure ******** decided to waste my time about it.)

LyingBitch: That's a great idea. Is it a ticketed event and have you set up a guideline for how you want the activities to go? How many cosplayers have signed on?

Me (frustrated because obviously I have this figured out and does the number of cosplayers really factor into if you'll be a cosplayer at the event or not. And then I realize she's ******** with me and wasting my time. So I decided to send her a long a** message so that I can be done with her):
The event is not ticket. It's completely free. Guests can come in, say they want to play a board game or video game wit the cosplay guest. They'll play anywhere between five to ten minutes with guests. They can flag me down if they feel uncomfortable. Guests can take pictures or selfies with the cosplay guests and even buy poloroid pictures with a personalized message from the cosplayer. The money for the polaroid will go to the charity. One of the cosplayers is hosting a raffling event. we have nine cosplay guests, eight of which will be in cosplay as our birthday girl will only be with us for a few hours but wants to help.

******** STUPID LYINGBITCH: That's great. Good luck raising money. I won't be able to participate

She did pay attention to the time. But it was at this moment when I knew she wanted to be an a*****e and truly waste my time.

I still wanted to see how much of an a*****e she was though, not that we needed luck with money or anything. We raised a very large sum. But this event took place before the event.

Me: Thank you and ok.

Me: Do you want the link to donate if you're able?

I was so ready to leave.

LyingBitch: Yeah. That'd be great.

Me: K. I'll send it.

LyingBitch: Thank you.

Me: Link (The actual link not a troll).

She didn't donate money, but we didn't need it. I believe we raised over $1000 for the event.

(as a idk what it's called I just want to say: don't let this story make you not want to donate money or think that someone else will donate money instead of you. Honestly, we didn't think we would raise that much, but we did and were sponsored by Von's and some of the anime community and it was from the help of many individuals. I just don't like this little girl and we just happened not to need her.)

And that was it. I never have to deal with that b***h again. But I am fully establishing that we are not friends. And I'm gonna establish that we will never be friends again. I've tried, and she's done nothing to make me think a) she's a good person b) she's never actually tried in efforts to be my friend and c) she obviously wasted my time on purpose.

And that is that. LyingBitchJenny and I are not friends. And you don't have to hear something similar to this again.

******** you, Jenny! I hope I never deal with you again!

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