Cache, before all else is the magic of information control. The caster's magic and mind is changed to be able interpret, store and manage vast amounts of information. To help the process the user typically manifests panes of hard light or screens to be able to better control the information. Some more unorthodox mages have discovered how to minimally manipulate those same screens to defend themselves. Magic used by this style is a pool of knowledge and utilizes even telepathy and can link the caster's mind to other willing people, mages or not. The users of this style can share and process mass amounts of information to other people linked to them, even mind reading to a limited fault with physical touches to the target's head. One of the more bizarre uses of this magic is the ability to perceive the environment, writings and conversations on a grander scale such as being able to scan and find sources of magic or even mages themselves. However, this magic above all exemplifies: Knowledge is Power.

Cache magic is a form of magic that utilizes information and magic screens for combat and communication. Users of this magic often use screens to defend against incoming attacks and can even cause the screens to explode which allows them to use them offensively as well. Another talent this magic has is telepathy which allows for the downloading and uploading of information to and from the brain which is useful for recon or devastating mental attacks on enemy targets.