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Lestat de Lioncourt III
Community Member
Lestat's Sun and Moon Pokemon Hunt
I'm an avid Pokemon breeder.
I like hatching competitive Pokemon for others and Masuada breed in my spare time!
I occasionally need to find something unique for me to focus my time on, so any assistance is appreciated! Anything you want bred? I'll try to help out!

*These pokemon must be obtained by legit/legal means. (No 6IV shinies please!)

Feel free to PM me anytime or quote me in this thread!
heart Thank you! heart

FC: 3754 6516 7137
IGN: Marik


Dream Ball Stunky
Dream Ball Skorupi
Dream Ball Sableye [Hidden Ability Prankster is appreciated!]
Dream Ball Cranidos [Hidden Ability Sheer Force is appreciated!]
Dream Ball Grimer
Dream Ball Carvanha [Hidden Ability Speed Boost is appreciated!]
Dream Ball Mr. Mime [Hidden Ability Technician is appreciated!]
Dream Ball Snubbull
Dream Ball Dunsparce
Safari Ball Trapinch
Premier Ball Foongus
Premier Ball Cyndaquil [Hidden Ability Flash Fire is appreciated!]
Level Ball Cyndaquil [Hidden Ability Flash Fire is appreciated!]
Mawile [Hidden Ability Sheer Force is appreciated!]
Pidgey [Hidden Ability Big Pecks is appreciated!]
Glameow [Hidden Ability Keen Eye needed!]

6IV NON-English Male Breedjects
[NO SHINIES! - Will Trade 6IV English Male Breedjects in return OR rejected Masuda & Wild Shinies!]

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