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Zutto! stare
Nooooooo!!!! I thought it was so perfect! (Not really, I just mad as hell.) My plan was great! (Again, no not really.) BUT I'M STILL MAD!!!!!
I ran through the forest, forgetting about my bloody trail. Jumping from tree to tree I coughed up red fluid- You don't want to know do you? Yeah, that makes sense. Well, I was hating it. I was hating it BIG TIME.
Lee had called for help, and by then I could sense their presence closing in. Jonin, probably. Just to mess with me. They suck, I thought. Maybe not. Maybe it's just one Jonin and his terrible apprentices. . . HEY! I'M RIGHT!!! I smiled as I saw Guy and his team close behind. Nice....
Guy ran up in front of me, which caused me to stop in my tracks. "Stop right there fugitive! Guy of the Leaf Village has come to arrest you! Now, come quietly, or face the-" Guy had started to announce, but this time I think it was me who should be talking.
"Excuse me? YOU are going to catch me? With this crack-pot team? I don't think so. Yeah, no lying. You suck." I stated evilly. Hey, if I'm going to be on the run, can't I act like it?
"WHA? You, a little girl, with 3 broken limbs, is going to beat me!?" he said shockingly.
I then became somewhat outraged at his comeback. "LITTLE GIRL? LITTLE GIRL? I'M TALLER THEN TWO OF YOUR STUDENTS, DANG IT! NOW YOUR DEAD!!!!"
Neji responded to this. "Really? Who are you anyway, then? We've been sent on a special mission to capture you and we only know your name. As this being a S-ranked mission, I'm curious to see what's really the danger in this. As Sensei said, you are just our age."
Okay, he asks WAY to many questions. But I am happy to be a S-ranked mission. Pretty cool. "That's for you to find out." I said mysteriously, as I teleported into the tree next to me. Boy, do I love it when I surprise people.
It was Tenten's turn now. "Hey! I remember you!!! From the academy!! The girl with the hair that changed colors all the time. For the first week I thought you were a different person each time. How did you get like this?"
Hmm... that was a hard one."Got bored," I called as I ran off deeper into the forest, by the memorial for fallen ninja. Such memories... not really.
"Get back here and come quietly!!!!!" Guy and Lee said at the same time, Guy also throwing a kunai at my injured leg. It hit me. Of course. And down I went.

Grumpy Dragon
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Grumpy Dragon
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