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Zeta Epsilon Kappa Epsilon
This is my journal. What? You want to know somethin'? You know, if I told you, I'd probably have to kill you... Hah! I'm only jokin'! ... Or am I...? Nah, it's cool, you'll be fine.
[To start off, an image would be rather nice, but, of course, this is purely optional.]


REFERENCE: Rocket, y'know, like missiles.

Leader: Ravi Vespa

Members: Teal Darner, Cerise, Keppel Hawkmoth

Type: Beacon Students

Strategies and Fighting Style: What should go here is overall team strategies. For example, does one team use their weapons at a range to pick of enemies, then moves in to mop it up? Or do the use close combat only? Or a mix of both? This is the place to describe this in detail.

It also might be important if you point out each team members specific role in combat, like if one is the designated sniper or tank. Also, you should highlight how each members' fighting style compliments one another. For example, if member A's fighting style serves to put enemies off balance, Member B disarms them, while Member's C and D are providing cover from a distance with ranged weapons. Stuff like this could be important.

Ribbon Dart: Deathstalker
-Teal Darner
Rocket Lance: Snakedoctor Impetus
Hit and Run, Formation Breaking, Long-Range Support, Anti-Armor
-Keppel Hawkmoth
Greatshears: Aureolin Atropos
Crowd Control, Rush
-Ravi (Lavi) Vespa
Power Fist; Suzumebachi
Revolver Karambit: Flamenco
Rush, Hit and Run, Shield Breaking

Associates: Beacon Academy

History: Nothing fancy here, just a rather brief bit on how your team was formed, how they operate, where they are located, stuff like that.

Team Theme: Complete with cheese! Just a little fun for you to have, and it's totally optional. Go nuts!

Indigo Chroma Carmel Opal Blanca Saffron
Cicada, Scorpion, Mantis, Butterfly
Lynx, Ocelot, Jackal, Hyena
Alice in Wonderland

-Kiwi Hopper
Buster Kanabo: Swarm Pandemic
Serrated Nodachi: Locusta Hex

Introduction: A nice tid-bit to grab readers attention.

Name: Ravi Vespa (Pronounced "Lah-vee" wink

Age: 17

Color: Orange

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Japanese Giant Hornet, The Sun

Occupation/Setting: Beacon Student

Gender: Female

Honey Blonde, short in back, long in front, swept behind ear on left side, braided on right side to shoulder length with a pair of carved copper beads and a pair of crossed orange and teal hair clips.
Tawny skin
Amber eyes
Muscular, fighter's build
Long horizontal scar across bridge of nose
Skull and crossbones earring

I'd split this one into two paragraphs. The first one will be on your OC's physical appearance, and the next on their outfit. Start out with hair color, length, and style, then skin tone, eye-color, height, muscling, and be sure to note any scares. Also this would be a great place to point out if your character is a Faunus. People aren't all Miss-Universe winners, so be sure to dial back on the super-model aspect. Please.

Full-length sleeve belted across chest
Leather chaps
Cowboy gunbelt
Cowboy boots and spurs
Low-rise pants
Crop top
Neck scarf with short flowing tails
Sun disc with a revolver cylinder and raised hornet wings

Since we all know clothing is a big deal in the RWBY-verse, be sure to go all out. Heck, even try to show an influence. Say, a Spanish influence for one, or something East-Asian for another. It gets boring when everyone wears jeans and a t-shirt to the OC party, so mix it up! Oh, make sure to include your OC's color. You know, cause that's important. And you totally followed the naming rule, RIGHT?

Personality: Believe me when I say that this is, hands down, this is what makes or breaks your OC. Let me just say that you could have some great concepts in the rest of your bio, but if this section tanks, you're OC will NOT be appreciated. Let me first get something out there. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OC PERFECT. Like EVER! If you do, not only will they be bland, but if you plan on writing fanfiction of them, your character has no room to grow. At all. So, now that we've got that out of the way, I'd say it's best to start building off f one facet, say, your character is the loveable looser. Then, I'd add what they're good at, and then the most painful part to put in: FLAWS! Let's face it, everyone has them, and OC's are no exception. If you're having trouble coming up with any, I'd check this site out for flaws.

Now, first I'd divide the bio into a three parts, say, how their personality effects them, how it effects what they do, and how they interact with others. I'm a little loose with how I organize personalities, but as long as you cover those three things, you should be fine.

Skills and Abilities: Just some minor stuff here, but feel free to elaborate. Say, is your character good at planning? Is she a chef? Or say, can your character survive in the wild? Don't include battle skills just yet, because that comes next, but make sure to elaborate in this section. No one likes one word answers, trust me.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

Thruster Accelerated Power Fist
The Suzumebachi is Ravi's primary weapon-built into a full-length sleeve vambrace of copper-colored metal and leather, running from the raised collar mounted to her shoulder plate down her arm to a reinforced knuckle plate, and secured to her body via a set of belts across her chest. Worn as part of her outfit it looks somewhat decorative and perhaps a bit gaudy, but when activated for combat the plates slide apart to reveal the weapon mechanisms including a deployable shield surface on her forearm atop a step of thruster nozzles and ramjets, as well as a powerful pile bunker. The thrusters give her incredible speed-pulling her along the ground and up walls, multiplying her impressive physical strikes, yanking her away from incoming threats, and being pretty awesome in general-but the main offensive mechanism of the Suzumebachi is a pile bunker. Powered by the same dust cylinders utilized by her offhand weapon, the pile bunker uses the explosion of dust to launch a large captive stake with incredible force into its target. Normally a close-range weapon, Ravi can disable the captive mechanism to fire the bolts across long-distances.
Saffron Flamenco
Close Combat Dust Revolver
Lavi's Saffron Flamenco is an offhand weapon used to compliment the Suzumebachi's defensive and mobility functions as an autorevolver with a heavy low-axis barrel, break-action frame, and slab-sided auto-ejecting dust cylinders. The top of the barrel features a bladed recurve edge that terminates in a claw-like front sight so that when the barrel is swung forward to reload the hook lines up with the trigger guard as a karambit. This function allows Ravi to slash, hook, and grapple her opponents especially with the advantage of her rocket-assisted speed. Furthermore, when swung open for reloading, the entire loaded dust-cylinder can be ejected as a single projectile to detonate as a grenade. The frame is made up of a golden colored metal that appears to glow when heated, with richly colored wooden grips and a small skeleton bauble hanging from the base with jointed limbs. Ravi wears it holstered at the small of her back on a leather gunbelt loaded with dust cartridges and fully-loaded revolver cylinders.

In combat Ravi is primarily a close-quarters fighter, specializing in melee, grappling, and chiefly unarmed fighting. She commands massive physical strength and her impressive athleticism is augmented by her incorporation of rocket motors into her fighting style. In conjunction with her team Ravi makes up half of their hit-and-run strategy, using a combination of high speed and devastating attacks to keep opponents unfocused and off-guard. She has a noted propensity for fighting in otherwise dirty or unsanctioned manners when she can get away with it

Ravi's semblance ties her aura directly to the anger and bloodthirst inside of her. The rage inside her is constantly burning, and the more anger she lets out, the higher her body temperature will rise-however instead of cooking her alive her aura draws this heat out of her body. This allows her to superheat her weapons, dramatically rise the temperature of her immediate environment, or channel this heat into specific targets. Ravi is also able to seal this heat inside of herself, drastically increasing her internal temperature to release in large bursts. In this state her skin will glow red, blood will boil from her eyes and wounds as streams of lava, and her internal temperature can reach a point where the air around her shimmers with an intense mirage, and her aura will scald or melt anything that it comes into contact with. She is stronger and is rejuvenated in direct sunlight.

Backstory/History: This is where you tell us what your character has been doing. I'd tread VERY lightly around super-dupper sob stories, though. Just give us what could be relevant, we don't need an autobiography.

Team: RCKT

Fanfiction: Blatant advertising, and this is the perfect place to put it.

Themes: Everyone loves music! Have some fun and pick a song that you'd associate with your OC! Nothing offensive, please, and be sure to credit the song's creator.

Quotes: Just some one-liners your character has spewed over the course of your writing.

Zeke Ren
Community Member
Zeke Ren
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