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Liyian's Randomness Incarnate
Just for random things, me thinks. ^~
Haha, I lied. :3 Double agents ftw!

I did that just to find out Jarlaxle's plans...but it backfired....

I did kill Enishi. I still can't believe it, but he's dead. He's gotta come back though, right?

Though Lord Radu is back!! biggrin That makes me happy. I hope he's not mad at me...

I'm killing Enishi.

It's something I've had in the planning stages since I found him again in this new world...Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, ne?

He left me, just...well, I don't even know the reason. We were married after Lord Radu was gone, and he walked out. Just...left.

I spent the next two years as an assassin, only to finally find him after so much time...

Now I have a deal with the opportunistic dark elf, Jarlaxle...the takeover of the clan itself isn't what i'm interested in...I want Enishi to suffer as I did...he was spared earlier only due to Lord Radu...but he does not care as I thought he did...he did try to kill me... >>

And I had to lie to Jarlaxle a bit...I've only been planning this since I remet him here, not since Dragon Knights...but what he doesn't know can't hurt him, ne?

So now Jarlaxle and I are back in the Dark Clan, about to face Enishi.

I hope I can do this...betray the only person to ever love me, even if it wasn't as much as he claimed.

Stupid necklace
So, as usual, I was employing my...skills to the highest bidder.

So I got a job to go steal the necklace...I thought the guy was just so rich he wanted to give me so much for it...but he failed to mention it was cursed!

Stupid...stupid...DAMN IT. I'm still mad at him.

But it's not....so bad. The curse sent me through a dark portal to another world...and I landed in this dark castle place...was kinda weird, but kinda cool too. Met up with Haragorn from the Dragon Knights...

And Enishi.

Yea...the guy who sent me away not long after we were wed. He says it's because he wanted to protect me from Lord Radu, but....Lord Radu never hurt me. I don't think he could....

But Nishi was here...except his brain was transplanted into a robot. If I find his old lover, I swear....

Yea, anyway.

We got into a spar, and I was fighting like I used to...but I haven't used my magic in a while, haven't had need to.

So, like a three year old, I got my sorcery sickness. And ended up losing due to that. >< I almost beat him too!

Still, give me a few days and I'll have my tolerance rebuilt. :3 Always faster the second time~

Oh, and Nishi said...he said that when he gets his body back again...he's going to marry me. Hopefully he won't send me away this time...and hopefully he'll still love me when he finds out how I've changed....

This is now a journal for anything Liyian encounters. Not Akira, her journal is on her lj. This is for Li-chan, combining all her adventures on Gaia. ^_^ Enjoy, minna-chan!

Kenshin manga 7 is out!! Gonna go get it. ninja Hopefully, there's gonna be DNAngel 4 as well....
Well, off to get my manga soonishly!

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