Chapter 4
Around midnight, Emily woke up. As Emily tried to sit up, she felt John pull her close to him, both of his arms wrapped around her, holding her tightly. Somehow, John sounded like he was crying. "I dont want to let you go, Emily. I dont want to ever lose you. Ever. I cant let you leave my sight." said John, tears falling down his cheek. "I cant let you go. I just cant." John repeated. Now tears formed in Emily's eyes. Emily began to rub John's chest. "Shhh...please dont cry, John. Im here now. Everything is going to be ok now. My parents finally gave in and let me leave, and I have finally found you." sobbed Emily. John now held her more tighter. " must promise me something." sobbed John. "What is it, sweety?" Emily asked. "Promise me that you will never leave me. Ever. I dont want to lose you." replied John. "I promise John. I will never leave you. Ever. I love you with all my heart." said Emily. "I love you too, babe." said John.
Suddenly, John pulled Emily into a kiss, kissing her furiously on the lips, his hand grabbing the nape of Emily's neck while his other arm was wrapped around Emily, pulling her closer to him. Emily grabbed the nape of John's neck while the othe hand grabbed a fistfull of John's hair, kissing him back furiously. John now deepened the kiss, his toungue wrestling with Emily's. Emily had longed for this moment to come, to be held by John, kissing him ever so passionatly.
After a few minutes, they pulled apart. John looked deep into Emily's eyes, tears brimming. John then pulled held Emily tightly again, burrying his face into Emily's hair. " I...I dont understand. How could you possibly love someone like me? After all the bad things I did, you still want to be with me. You still want to be with me, even though I have cheated on you. How could you possibly love someone like me, who doesnt deserve to be loved. The only thing I deserve is to be hated. After all the bad things I did." John said, now sobbing. Emily wrapped her arms around John, rubbing his back." Shhh...Please dont cry, John. I still love you because I dont care about what you did in the past. I wouldnt even care if you killed someone. I would still love you. No matter what. I love you with all my heart, and soul." said Emily.
"Emily...out of all the girls that I have gone out with, you are my faveorite. I love you more than I have loved anybody else. I have never felt this way before until I met you, until I heard your beautifull angelic voice." said John. "And I have never felt this way with anybody else. I have finally found my one and only prince. My night in shining armor." said Emily. And she kissed John softly on the lips. John kissed her back. "Lets go back to sleep." John whispered in Emily's ear. "Ok." replied Emily. John pulled Emily close to him. Emily restes her head against John's chest and fell into a peacefull slumber. John looked at Emily, his heart melting. "Wow...she looks so beautifull whenever she sleeps." John said in his head. And he too fell asleep.