Favourite Food: Baked potatoes, sushi, Ben&Jerry’s icecream

Favourite Drinks: nestea,pepsi

Favourite Music: jason mraz, chris brown, rihanna, beyonce, lady gaga, pitbull, Black Eyed peas

Favourite TV Series: family guy, chowder, pokemon, bleach, living life with derek, the hills, madtv, american dad, wizards of waverly place

Favourite Games: all pokemon games,assasin's creed , ninja games

Favourite Stuff: Drawing, pixeling, cute stuff, brith colors and things

Favourite Movies: Nightmare before Christmas, Shrek, wall-e, rattatouie, coraline,ourantine [spanish version], howl's moving castle,spirited away

Favourite Authors: stephanie mayor,diana wyne jones, j.r.r tolkein, j.k rowling

Favourite Colours: yellow,orange,neon green,light teal