I told my friends this story- enjoy.
So one day, we had Directv DVR- the recording thingy- installed in our house. But what's funny is how. The worker first says he doesn't have enough cable and will come back tomorrow. But after a brief phone all with his boss, he suddenly has enough. Unfortunately, the black cable sticks out against our white walls. And he takes For-Ev-Er putting it up. I'm not kidding. About FIVE HOURS! Then, to connect it with the dish, he cuts a HOLE in our window's screen and shoves in through the window! When my mom tried to shut it, it wouldn't shut.
My mom says, "This isn't okay. I need to be able to shut the window."
And the guy goes, "What? You need to SHUT the WINDOW?!" As if it was hard to believe.
My mom: "Yes, I need to shut the window." So the guy drilled a hole in the wall under the window and placed the cable through there. My mom didn't like a hole in the wall, but it was better than a non-shutting-window.
My friends and I kept repeating, "Do you need to SHUT the WINDOW?!" in incredulous voices, laughing afterward. Good times after ward, but it isn't fun while it's happening. rofl