Name: Liel

Age: 20,512

Gender: Female

Species: Angel

Kingdom/Alignment: Heaven

Birth Date:

Occupation: n/a

Pets/Creatures/Summons: n/a

Physical Description: Liel is a stony-faced angel with close-cropped black hair and dusky gray wings. Her eyes are dark and the pupils indistinguishable from the irises. Her skin is dark and her clothing always simple. Her wings are not very long and she is not a strong flier over distances, but she is very fast and maneuvers quickly in the air.

Personality Description: Almost always serious, often brooding. Taciturn, never speaks to exchange pleasantries. Most often thinking about the betrayal of God, the righteousness of obeying Him or rebelling against him, and how to wage a war against demons. She is condescending in thought, action, and occasional word toward other angels, except Michael, who she has always admired as much as she did Raphael.

Special Abilities: None.

Special Defenses: None.

Weaknesses: Poor stamina in flight, relatively weak in melee.

Weapon: Any ranged weapon. Will use spear or glaive if forced into melee.

Quirks: Never keeps her attention completely on someone she may be talking to—will always be scanning her surroundings with fast, furtive glances. Will also repeatedly roll her lips inward when in thought.

History: Liel was a relatively young angel at the time of Raphael's battles with Asmodieus. She always admired the powerful angel from afar, and took his death quite badly. Ever since then she has itched for revenge against the demon Asmodieus and his kin. She felt betrayed by God for his pact with Lucifer and has never been completely faithful to Him since, though she has yet to speak word or take action against Him.