Here lately I am not on Gaia anymore. I lost interest in the atmosphere, I lost my best friend, I just lost interest in a community that had no care for me. I tried to make friends but I couldn't so I left. This place for me now is a place where I can lay it all out because nobody cares about me here. Here no one knows me and I don't have to worry about hurting anyone. I am depressed. Severely.

I was living in a house with my husband, brother, sister in law, and niece. I had a job working with my brother and due to unfortunate events and being cheated by his boss we lost the job. In loosing the job we lost our house. I spent 95% of my time with my Sister in law and niece. The problem I am having is she is my best friend, rock and now I live without her. My niece is two and I have been a constant in her life and she in mine. Neither of us are handling the situation well. I miss my brother desperately.

I am living in my parents house. I am sharing a bedroom with my mother and father. They live with my sister, her husband, and my niece and two nephews. I can't stand it. There are constant fights. The hardest thing is I am living without my husband. He moved back to his dads. I was invited to go but I have bad asthma and his dads house is full of pet dander and dust and I can't breathe. I however am not going to ask my husband to share a bedroom with my parents. I hope we get out of this situation soon. I feel however as if i can't tell anyone how much I am depressed. I am. I am so freaking depressed. I just. If i say anything to anyone I sound ungrateful or like i don't want to spend time with them. If i leave to hang out with my SIL or Niece my mom is all rolleyes of course you are. Yeah OF COURSE I AM. I MISS THEM. I MISS THEM SO f*ckING MUCH AND YOU DON'T CARE. In fact no one f*cking cares.