Can he cook you a romantic dinner?
Can he sing you a romantic song?
Can he listen to your every word?
Can he make you smile by saying nothing at all?
Can he always tell the truth to you?
Can he never break your trust?
Can he be strong to protect you?
Can he be gentle when he must?
Can he share his innermost feelings?
Can he make you happy when you cry?
Can he hold your hand when it's cold?
Can he see your beautiful eyes?
Can he help you shop for clothing?
Can he dance like no one sees?
Can he know when to stop?
Can he make you feel at ease?
Can he save you from your past?
Can he back away when nessecary?
Can he give 110%?
Can he make possible the imaginary?
Can he plan a night out at the mall?
Can he make a memory in a moment?
Can he lay down with you and look at the stars?
Can he write a poem?