heart About me. My name is Alessandra Leon lastname, I live in Italia I am brazilian and Italian. Blackish brownish hair? Blue green gray eyes. Probably taller than you. I love to be active. Some sports that I enjoy are soccer, cheering and volleyball. I consider myself a fashion statement, many people think I should model, not my thing though, even though that was what I wanted to do when I was a child and I did for awhile, but I did not want to pursue that anymore. I am a classical music freak and I hope one day to travel to Japan and Mexico. I know a bit of japanese, but I want to know it all. I love all sorts of music. I party to a minimum...hahaha, not really, I'm a dancer and I hope to get better in ballet. I love my family very much, even though they get on my last nerve. Violens and pianos are fascinating to me. I believe in life after death. Edward's my amore. I believe in ghosts and everything that has to do in that area. I am in NO way a stuck up person, I could careless what anyone thinks of me, I try at least to please my God myself and thats it. Ciao heart